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Dangerous Habits that Can Damage your Eyes and Vision

Dangerous Habits

As you are aging, your eye health is also deteriorating. Not just this, there are other factors too that are causing early aging of your eyes like prolonged working on digital screens, not wearing the right glasses or lenses and not seeing an optometrist often. There are many other habits like these that you don’t realize but you are still indulging in them.


Rubbing Your Eyes

Signs of aging start showing up first on the skin surrounding your eyes because it is delicate. In addition, if you rub your eyes, it can break the tiny blood vessels that are just under your skin’s surface. This also causes dark circles, drooping eyelids, and puffy eyes. However, there are ways to get rid of these after effects but refraining is the best way that will keep your eyes away from developing these problems.


Not Drinking Adequate Water

Your body requires eight glasses of water every day. Anything less than this will not let you stay hydrated and healthy. So, start drinking water as much as you can and refrain from the high-sodium diet as it dehydrates your body and takes away all the moisture that your eyes need to stay moist and nourished. Dehydration also causes redness and puffy eyelids.


Not Wearing Sunglasses

UV rays of the sun cause a lot of damage to your eyes. If you do not wear sunglasses with UV protection layer, your eyes will age before the actual time. Along with this, when your eyes are exposed to the sun for a longer duration, it leads to sunburn of the front part of the eyes and problems like cataracts, macular degeneration and may lead to cancer of the eyelid. So, opt for a right pair of sunglasses and shield your eyes.



Smoking is a life-threatening habit. It harms you every body part in some or the other way. In smokers, there are higher chances of developing major eye diseases like cataract, diabetic retinopathy, macular degeneration, and uveitis. As compared to non-smokers, they are more likely to go blind at an early age. So, quit smoking if you want to keep looking at this beautiful world.


Not Eating the Right Foods

Proper nutrition is the key to good health. Yes, for eyes too. If you have a liking or obsession for fast food and you are not including fruits and vegetables in your diet, your eye health will deteriorate. That is because your body is not getting the adequate amount of essential vitamins, and minerals. So, complement your diet with leafy green vegetables, fish, eggs and fruits.


Not Sleeping Enough

Too much of work and less sleep leads to dark circles, dry eyes and blurred vision causing premature aging of your eyes. At least 8 hours of quality sleep will help you maintain your eye health and vision.


Most importantly, you should pay regular visits to an eye specialist to ensure your eye health is maintained and diseases are at bay. If you are facing issues like blurred vision, watery eyes, headache, immediately see a doctor as he might advise you to go for prescription glasses or upgrade them and warn you for any eye disease.




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