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Deepika Padukone’s Beauty Tips And Fitness Secrets Revealed

Deepika Padukone’s Beauty Tips

Deepika is blessed with a wonderful flawless skin. She, like other actresses, emphasizes on surplus water intake to ensure that one stays hydrated. Cleansing, toning and moisturizing are her regular skincare rituals. Her daily skin care regime includes a moisturizer with SPF for daytime. This glamorous diva ensures that every trace of makeup is removed before going to sleep. She follows this cleansing regime with a hydrating cream. She does not go for regular facials, but does indulge in a thorough clean up session once in a while.


Deepika in order to maintain her gorgeous self depends on regular skincare instead of instant makeup solutions. She avoids wearing makeup while not shooting and makes sure to cleanse her face thoroughly post shooting. She prefers a loofah over a soap bar for bathing, as it instantly improves blood circulation and removes dead cells from the body.


As for her tresses, she massages it once a week with tender coconut oil, as prolonged exposure to sun damages the hair follicles. She has been following this hair care regime since childhood and it has worked wonderfully for her hair. Deepika also heads to the spa regularly for body massages and relaxation.


What we gather from these Deepika Padukone beauty tips is that it is essential that we maintain a regular routine for care instead of using makeup and other cosmetics in the last minute! The Deepika Padukone skin care routine hasn’t failed her till date.


No wonder that people go crazy over her hourglass figure; it’s no secret that she is an athlete. Deepika is a badminton player and is very serious about her fitness regime. She is a complete fitness freak and follows her regime without any excuses or delays. Even if she has an early morning shoot, she squeezes out time for her work out session. Her fitness trainer Yasmin introduced her to pilates and stretching exercises, which she includes in her daily routine.

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