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Is diabetes an open scout for welcoming COVID – 19? 


Many precautions are in place in order to avoid the risk of infection — from disinfecting surfaces to washing hands frequently. Yet, there is still room for contraction. Experts suggest precautions are crucial especially, people with low immunity, like those who have diabetes.

In 2020, millions of lives succumbed to COVID – 19. Many actors, leaders, politicians, royal households all gave in. One of the actors, tested positive, opened lines of discussion on TYPE 2 diabetes & risk of contracting the coronavirus infection.

The actor & his wife was tested post their return from the shoot & they turned out to be positive. The actor borderline diabetic. Diabetes is common, yet it doesn’t remain a relaxable fact anymore. With the emergency call from WHO on the event of the outbreak, there were 46 million infected.


Diabetes & coronavirus: 

COVID -19 hasn’t spared people of any age. Though it can leave the body without a trace, it has still led to critical illness, with asymptomatic and symptomatic cases. Yes, there are 80% of the cases where flu-like symptoms appear, this is a very mild case of COVID-19.

The vast population (98%), infected by corona have survived and surpassed it. Yet there are high possibilities of immunity compromise the second time. Diabetes Miletus is body’s incapability of producing insulin in the right quantities.

Corona’s non-biasing infection has streamlined people of all age groups. Among which, older people are subjectively more vulnerable to COVID-19. Elder people with diabetes, heart disease & asthma can be further vulnerable to the pandemic infection.


Diabetes – A real challenge! 

It can be harder to treat people with diabetes, because of the varying blood glucose levels. The complications can further dilute the diagnosis without proper medication/treatment.

2 major reasons for this condition: compromised immune system & can mutate in a body with less resistance for low blood glucose levels. The first wall of immunity compromises due to the non-dynamism of blood circulation. In reality, can lead to diabetic ketoacidosis (DKA). 

DKA is a complication that occurs because of over build-up of ketones (body’s energy manufacturing chemical) combines with blood. There are various cases, people develop serious symptoms that are dangerous.

Sepsis, is another serious condition, arises due to body-wide response to infections such as coronavirus. There are specific treatments for it, where doctors try to balance the body’s fluid and electrolyte levels.


0 down the risk! 

Besides maintaining a 2-yard distance, sanitising apparels and essentials & washing hands, there are certain tips for the diabetic patients to keep in mind.

– Have enough food.

– Schedule your snacks and mini-meals at short brief period.

– Consume whole wheat, veggies and get creative, can make veggie soups, cutlets.

– Get even with simple carbs, use honey, sugar soda, fruits, fruit juices & an ever favourite candy in your pocket, in case the Blood sugar level drops.


In a nutshell!   

There are more warning side effects than what appears before the eyes. Monitoring your glucose levels continuously can increase stress levels due to the case acetaminophen. Keep your surroundings safe and away from the visitors. Diabetes is heavily prone to inject the role of compromising immunity.

Stay alert and stay safe!

Stay up to date on COVID 19 with us. For more info on diabetes and effects, comment below.

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