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Google tech for health workers & patients!

A technology if available for all the doctors and patients to access their own health information via third-party apps. All thanks to Google for announcing this.

It will be named after Google, known as Google Healthcare API. The new government has simplified the process and mandates to make use of the health data.

Apparently, Google’s advertising company uses customer data to target ads. This has leapt towards negative publicity including the health space initiatives. However, Google stands as the 3rd largest cloud tech provider, apart from Amazon and Microsoft.


‘Two accommodative years’

This innovative new API converts the datum stored in different systems such as imaging to medical records software. Through this, healthcare workers can start new schemes or system using the Google Healthcare API.

In other words, the documentation says that the Healthcare API is meant for “storing and accessing healthcare data in Google Cloud, providing a critical bridge between existing care systems and applications hosted on Google Cloud,” Google said that customers aren’t required to store the data in Google Cloud.

Google’s corrival Microsoft Azure also has a similar health care API.  Further, Google healthcare API will serve its health care customers connect to electronic health records.

Due to the gravity of the situation around the world, there is an unwavering demand for sharing health information with patients, to doctors & the apps they choose.


Information chain!

The Department of Health and Human Services released a set of rules earlier this year. This was particularly preventing health care companies from so-called “information blocking”. It is hard to break a habit or yet a rule in medical grounds. Further, accessing their own medical information at the hospital has never been in medical practice before.

Some medical record vendors charge patients for accessing records. Wherein, post charges they only submit via a printed PDF or CD-ROM.


The reality check:

Hospitals and vendors have two years to comply with new rules,” noted Aneesh Chopra. She is the first chief technology officer of the White House and the president of Care Journey, a health analytics company. She claimed in an interview with CNBC.

This could help them move faster, and it should increase the marketplace of applications that are physician facing, patient-facing and potentially health plan facing, so individuals can get their health information that would have been locked up.”


The intense & complicated cases

People/ medical record vendors have dealt with the challenges to document most cases of patients in sharing information between hospitals.

The director of healthcare solutions, Aashima Gupta and Joe Corkery, doctor cum director of a product reveal that it can be arduous to find the unified datum.

Google Cloud’s health care leaders note that the COVID-19 pandemic shows again why health data interoperability is important. It can help support the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s new app that aims to share information from electronic health records with public health departments. That app will launch in May.


COVID-19 is really bringing the entire (health data) interoperability conversation to the forefront,” said Gupta, via a virtual call. “It’s becoming really crucial from a patient standpoint.”

People are now recognizing that there’s the only way to get through this period and that is to collaborate,” added John Halamka, president of Mayo Clinic Platform. Mayo Clinic is a major cloud customer for Google, which has a team of people working nearby out of Rochester, Minnesota. “What’s important is that this API is a toolset provided by Google that makes it easier for the doctors and the hospitals to share data. But it’s not about sending the data to Google.”

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