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How I changed

How I Changed My Life

Actress Juhi Chawla shares how her life changed.

The one big change that came about in my life was when I became a mom. Way back, when I was footloose, fancy free and working as an actor with kid actors (Hum Hain Rahi Pyaar Ke and One Two Ka Four), people thought I like kids a lot, but I thought they were little pests!

After running around with kids on the sets, I’d actually look at ways of escaping all the time! But when I had my kids, my entire world turned upside down. Suddenly, I became very protective and caring. It was then that my way of looking at children transformed.

Today, even if my kids sniff or cough, I stay up nights, calling up doctors to get them treated. And then I’d look at children on the streets and wonder, who feeds them and how they manage!

I’ve been working with kids for 14 years now and supporting those who don’t have a family. When I see children on the streets, my heart sinks, and I always thank god for everything! My entire persona changed because of my children. I even started to look at the things that I never really looked at with wonder.

Earlier, my whole world was just I, me, myself. Once I had children, I was making them look at all the wonderful things around. So the little wonders of this world which I earlier took for granted suddenly became very precious. Today, I have also taken up social causes like working for our environment and educating people about the effects of radiation and plastic. We are leaving behind this world for our children. It should be our responsibility to make it beautiful and safe.

If my children could have such a life-changing effect, I realise, every mother feels the same way. Motherhood made me see beyond myself and my own family. Now, I want to create a better world for all the children in this world.


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