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The Joy Of Feeling Again With Prosthetic Limbs

Prosthetic technology has been advancing at an aggressive pace with so many breakthroughs over the span of last 10 years. It has come to a point today where prosthetic limbs can function on par with or even better than natural body parts. The ability to link prosthetic limbs to the internal nervous system allows patients to sense and feel with their prosthetic body parts.


Prosthetic Limbs


Recently a man who was paralyzed from below the neck after suffering a serious crash when his bike ran into a truck, once again drank a cup of coffee and ate a mashed potato with a fork, after undergoing the worlds first surgical procedure that allowed him to control his hand with the power of his thoughts.


Prosthetic Limbs


Bill Kochevar, 53, had a procedure in which electrical implants were inserted in the motor cortex of his brain and sensors inserted in his forearm, which allowed the muscles of his arm and hand to be stimulated in response to signals from his brain, decoded by a computer. Eight years after his accident, he is now successfully able to drink and feed himself without any external help.


Prosthetic Limbs


This is good news for a lot of handicapped people out there who had lost their limbs in an accident or due to birth defects. The exact price of the procedure is not yet been disclosed and we are not yet sure when the technology would be made available in India, however, the hope of being able to sense and feel again with their missing body parts is beyond joyous to many handicapped people out there.


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