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King Khan’s Diet Secrets Revealed

Shah Rukh Khan, the Badshah is very attentive to his body and that’s the reason why the 51-year old actor believes in healthy eating. It was widely reported that before he started shooting for his blockbuster film “Om Shanti Om”, he started following a strict diet that gave him a lean, muscular physique. Khan strictly follows low carbohydrates and high protein diet. Well, let’s have a look at Badshah’s Diet Plan!


Focus on protein

A major portion of his diet includes protein-rich foods like non-fat milk, chicken, egg whites. To control fat in his diet, he prefers grilling over frying and avoids dishes made with high-fat material like butter and ghee. Also, he loves to have protein drinks after workouts.

Avoid sugar and refined grains

While dieting he avoided all refined grains including white flour and all types of bread and rice products. Sugar containing items are the most avoidable. Although he does include some amount of whole grains in his diet like whole-wheat toast with eggs, chicken sandwiches.

Eating plant based foods

Vegetables are everywhere in his diet. Vegetables in his diet are a primary source of carbohydrates which also provides essential vitamins and minerals to his body. If you are following such kind of a diet, try to add colorfully cooked and raw vegetables each day to bring variety in your diet. This will also give essential nutrients to your body.


Fruits instead of sweets

Fruits are high in carbohydrates and he swaps sweets with fruits as they can be a typical substitute for sweets. This is a good strategy as fruits give your body ample amount of fiber, vitamins, and minerals along with the natural sweetness.

Drinking lots of water

He drinks at least 2-3 liters of water every day. Nonfat milk and fresh, unsweetened vegetable juices are also something that he swears by.

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