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Few lifestyle changes for a happier lock down!

With all the chaos and paranoid people, there is a secret to a happier lifestyle amidst the crisis. Which links your mind and body to help you becomes stronger and happier with 24 hours. Research has proved that there is a link between new and diverse experiences.

Like they spill the beans, “variety is the spice of life”. In logical words, a distraction or a hobby can help you better engage to create a cohesive environment in the house, in turn, helping your mental health uber good.



There are funny yet uniquely strange brain components like the hippocampus and the striatum are strongly connected to each other.

  • Though more research & study should recur in this field, the lockdown due to COVID – 19 pandemic is hindering the progression.
  • But we could overcome these challenges by simply understanding that there are equal and more benefits with progressive physical distancing.

One of the finest co-author & professor of psychology from the University of Wisconsin, Madison did mention a valuable point. It stated, “Our work suggests that experiencing new and diverse experiences on a daily basis is linked to positive emotions.

We feel happier when we have variety in our daily routines and, in turn, we are more likely to seek out novel experiences when we are in a more positive mood,” he said.

  • He also precludes the fact that it could be difficult to put this information into action during the COVID-19 pandemic when people are homebound.
  • With this article, we won’t just learn to cope with physical distancing but upbeat the circumstance with a greater understanding of the human brain capacity.


Few lifestyle changes for a happier lock down!



The main aim of the researchers was to learn about whether the inclusiveness of diverse experiences led to a more positive emotional state. To probe & study the result, they carried out an experiment in New York through GS tracking for a quarter-time of the year.

  • The experiment yielded more variations and the results were more positive emotions like attentive”, “excited,” “happy,” “relaxed,” and/or “strong.”
  • The researchers then wanted to see whether this association between variability in location and emotion would be in some way connected to activity within the brains of these individuals.



To verify the research and analysis, few crew members of the experiment returned to the lab and underwent MRI scans. The results were worth investing another research funding upon it.

  • The MRI scan that uses the radio waves to detect the brain functionality had by far the most unique information in place. The use of a strong magnetic field, radio waves and a computer to monitor them had helped in the process of research.
  • The special unit of MRI – fMRI (functional magnetic resonance imaging) is used to analyze the changes and brain activity.

The research team found that those who had the strongest link between diverse experiences and positive feelings also had a stronger connection between brain activity in the hippocampus and the striatum.

  • With the help of a New York University psychology professor, they put the puzzles together with the facts.

The hippocampus is a region of the brain that’s “centrally involved in spatial navigation and memory formation, but is also sensitive to the novelty of spatial environments.” She said. 

The striatum is involved in “learning what actions and elements of our environment are rewarding,” she added.

She further explains that there was not much activity in these regions on the brain, but observed the connectivity between the areas. This connectivity was more related to the reflexes of the brain that had more power to stay positive. These reflexes harnessed from the environment they were associated to.

This might, in turn, promote more exploration or seeking of new experiences, the professor concludes.



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