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Micro living for macro benefit

Micro Living For Macro Benefit

The idea is to start small, use less things, space, and prime yourself for a life sans the excess that has robbed us all of happiness. The micro way of life is eco-friendly and capturing everyone’s mind. You have micro living space, an idea that has caught on like fire, in the US, micro-start-ups, micro-travel, micro-cuisine, even micro spirituality. The world is adapting to a small, easy, focused way of doing things.

Sachin Goel, CEO of an Indian online home appliances megastore, believes this urge to live ‘small’ is the result of people wanting to enjoy their life to full capacity without added burdens of modern life. “Micro living works best for working professionals, who are living away from home and are overburdened by their daily chores. They have taken a decision to unburden themselves of as much excess as possible.”

Micro apartment

A well-established concept across Europe and Southeast Asia, the US is currently seeing a boom in micro apartments. What are they? Apartments no bigger than 300-400 sq ft, with an oven and cooktop, a small bathroom, folded bed and lots of hidden storage space. They are situated in posh localities – central areas of a city where all the ‘action’ is. At times, these micro apartments also have a hostel type set-up, where people share the kitchen and have small rooms with attached baths. The demand for them is at an all-time high because millennials want to stay close to their workplace as well as the hub of nightlife. These places are also well-connected with public transport, which is another advantage.

Micro travel

Frenzied do-it-all itineraries are being replaced by youngsters, who have taken naturally to micro travelling. They are opting for focused, one-destination, experiential, plans. “This generation doesn’t believe in ticking places off the bucket list. They want to breathe in and live the destination they have chosen,” says travel blogger Shivya Nath. They want their travel self-controlled, seamless and relevant. Aurvind Lama, CEO of one of the largest bus booking portals in India, says, “The trend is especially popular with Gen X, which lives an extremely rushed life. We are also seeing more evolved and immersive travel plans instead of quick weekend getaways popular till even a year ago.”


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