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Mind’s a misleading place, learn to detach

Misled Minds

Actress and entrepreneur Neha Dhupia tells us how she lets happiness find her on a daily basis.

  1. Define happiness…

It’s a way of life. To me, it means spending time with family and sleeping at your will, whenever you feel like. Happiness is not being stressed out about anything, and to live in the moment.

  1. Is there anything you’d like to change in 2017?

I will definitely like to spend less time on my phone.

  1. From an actor to an entrepreneur… how was the journey?

I think becoming an entrepreneur has been the biggest challenge for me so far. Keeping up to maintain a certain quality of work, concepts and ideas takes a lot of time, discipline and focus. Most importantly, it takes courage – the courage to be different.

  1. How do you handle drawbacks?

My parents have always told me: whatever it is, it’s going to pass, and as long as you have a healthy mind and healthy body, there’s nothing that can hold you back. It’s just about being back on your feet and starting again. I don’t mull over drawbacks for more than an hour, or two maybe, on a bad day.

  1. How have you seen yourself evolving?

I think time and experience teach you a lot, and my evolvement comes from this huge sense of detachment from things that are not necessary for me. I choose my battles.

  1. Tricky lessons life has taught you…

The best lessons in life are taught either by your family — I mean parents — or by life itself. You can’t sit around and wait for things to happen. Life gives you opportunities, make the most of them and along the way, you will see success, at times, even failure; but don’t worry about it. Happiness is the most important thing that you should work towards.

  1. The turning point in your life…

When I learnt not to take stress over small stuff. When I used to, I was unhappy.

  1. The fitness freak/adventurer in you:

Oh, there’s a lot to say about that. I love working out and keep looking for different ways to stay fit. As for adventure, I look for it in the smallest and the largest things in life.

  1. Your life purpose is…

I think life has got you here and the purpose is that you need to learn how to live it. If you are not doing that, then you are extremely foolish.

  1. What does ‘conquering the mind’ mean to you?

I think every time you have setbacks, you should not get bogged down. Always tell yourself there’s more and if there’s any negative sound in your head, detach from it, because the mind can be a very misleading place. If it’s working overtime, it can be quite scary.

  1. Your spiritual quotient…

My spirituality comes from everything, taking the learnings of my parents forward, doing yoga every second day, focusing on my work and staying energised all the time. I think of spirituality in the smallest things, like being at home and spending time with myself or travelling to a new place to detaching myself from things that aren’t necessary.


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