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National Sports Day: Revival of Indian Sports

India celebrates National Sports Day every year on August 29, this year; however, there is something special about National sports day. Indian PM Narendra Modi has announced the release of a sports talent finder portal, giving a chance to all citizens to achieve more in sports.


National Sports Day


Major Dhyan Chand was a Hockey legend who won Olympic gold medals for India in the years 1928, 1932 and 1936. His birth anniversary is being celebrated as National Sports day in India. He was the captain of the Indian Hockey team for a long time. He is often referred to as ‘Hockey ka Jaadugar’ with translates to “Magician of the game of Hockey” in India. There is a rumor that Chand used to practice ball control by sprinting along the length of railway tracks and balancing the ball on the track rail.


National Sports Day


Considering that India is becoming an emerging player in all global arenas, it’s high time that we advance in the field of sports too. PM’s new portal is obviously a boost to the sports aspirants in India. The country will lead a healthier pattern of living if all sports are given its due importance.


National Sports Day


He also added, Keeping yourself healthy through sports will be fun as well as effective at the same time. Make sure that you provide to anyone around you who wish to prove him/her self in the field of sports.


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