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Parents Should Take Guard Before ‘Blue Whale’ Strikes

There is an unnerving pattern showing up via web-based networking media locales in Russia and spreading over the world, including a suicide diversion called ‘Blue Whale‘where participants win by killing themselves. The terrifying online death game is said to have executed more than 130 lives in Russia, where it is suspected to have started.



The diversion has now discovered devotees in the UK, aside from Portugal, Brazil, and Dubai. Schools abroad are sending advisories to guardians to put a strict watch on what their youngsters are downloading.


The application indoctrinates kids by tossing them 50 challenges over a time of 50 days, which incorporate self-mutilation, awakening at unearthly hours and viewing frightening recordings and tuning in to frequenting music sent by the curator. The last challenge is to kill yourself.



The key point of the game is that once you download it, you won’t have the provision to uninstall it as the application hacks your telephone. What’s more, there is no pulling out. Evidently, once you consent to be a piece of the diversion, you are not permitted to pull out. If you do, the creators threaten to get you or your parents killed, as they have all your information. Also, this highly-illegal game is not easily downloadable and it is available only to a closed community, so instead of the teenagers seeking the game, the creators seek out their victims.


We asked Dr. Shreedevi, psycho-social health consultant, why the teens are taking up the game when they know the end of it is death. She said, “they are influenced by the game process over a period of 50 days, lose the power of saneness and are dumped by the instructions given. Also, there is the x factor, just like in games, where you want to kill as many people to reach the winning level.”The fact that teens are invited to join this game, rather than going to your app store to download it, gives it a novelty factor.



Dr. Shreedevi included that straightforwardness in a parent-kid relationship can be of most extreme significance here. “Children now and then don’t comprehend the seriousness of the diversion and think they can receive in return and develop a legend. On the other hand, the greater part of the children conceals their online exercises from their folks, and at last, can’t go to their folks for offer assistance. It is likewise said that makers of the amusement additionally picked their casualties, possibly through their online networking posts, which demonstrate the kid’s powerlessness. So, guardians should monitor their kid’s online development, and be starting at now, converse with them about this amusement.”


However, there is a reason to cheer. The game has not yet found in India. Security specialist Kirit Gupta stated, “I work intimately with law implementation, and if Blue Whale had come to India, we would have certainly been called to explore. In any case, it is workable for the amusement to hack the telephone. There was this genuinely basic amusement where you needed to toss pins to blast the inflatables, which saw a million downloads around the world. In any case, the diversion was simply made to take WhatsApp data from clients. An against infection too wouldn’t have the capacity to help if the idea of the diversion is noxious and not the code. What Blue Whale is doing is focused on social designing, where they send connections to their objectives. The connections may be straightforward ones at first to check whether you download, and after that, they send the amusement’s connection and hack your subtle elements.”



Kirit included, “Here’s the place the distinction amongst iOS and Android comes in. Apple’s App Store just has applications affirmed by Apple, though Google’s PlayStore is loaded with malevolent applications. Google ought to implement confirmation or quality keep an eye on applications to avoid multiplication of such hazardous amusements.”

What the game is all about:

The deadly Blue Whale challenge has claimed more than 130 lives in Russia, where it all started.

The game throws 50 challenges to users, which include self-mutilation, watching scary videos. The last of the challenges is to kill yourself.



The app is not freely available for download. The developers seek out their next victim and send them an invitation to join.

Once downloaded, the app hacks users’ phones and obtains all personal information, threatening to get them or their parents killed if the users later want to back out.

It now has followers in UK, Portugal, Brazil, and Dubai.



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