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Pregnant Soha Ali Khan, The Pataudi Princess practices Yoga And Shares Pics To Inspire Others

Soha Ali Khan and her husband Kunal Kemmu are expecting their first baby soon. The prospective mama has an excellent pregnancy sparkle all over her body and has all the reasons to be delighted. And if you want to know what is the secret behind her well-maintained figure during this pregnancy time then here is the answer. The Pataudi Princess is practicing Yoga and that is her beauty secret.


Soha Ali Khan


Recently Soha posted a picture of her on Instagram where she was doing yoga and in that picture, any one can clearly notice that cute baby bump. Well, the Princess is certainly giving would be moms a fitness goal. But she isn’t practicing Yoga during pregnancy without any guidance. Rupal Sidhpura Faria is giving her all the tips she needs during this period.


Soha Ali Khan


Certainly, this is not the first time when we saw her doing yoga during her pregnancy days. We also had seen the same with Kareena Kapoor Khan while she was pregnant. If all of them are doing this then it must not be a publicity stunt. Today I will be explaining you some of the serious benefits of yoga during pregnancy.

Soha Ali Khan



Yoga helps to increase stamina and also helps to maintain balance with the growth of a life inside the mother. It also provides more energy and strength which is needed during this time to function. Yoga also strengthens the hips, back, arms and shoulders.


Soha Ali Khan


Easy Breathing

Yoga prepares you for the birth of the child by focusing on relaxation and breathing procedures. This is a good tool for labor during contractions because deep breathing can maintain blood pressure and heart rate and provide the much-needed oxygen to your baby and your muscles.


Soha Ali Khan


Common Pregnancy Problems

Common pregnancy problems like lower back pain, nausea, insomnia, headaches, shortness of breath can be treated with regular practice of yoga. Like we have mentioned earlier that stretching and toning the muscles help in improved blood circulation.


Soha Ali Khan


Make sure you follow the yoga routine as per the doctor’s advice in order to avoid pregnancy risks.



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