Raageshwari to do finale for Yoga Day celebrations in London | Health Pick

Raageshwari to do finale for Yoga Day celebrations in London

Yoga Day celebrations in London

London has been determined to put up a tough front in the wake of the terror attacks and it’s been ‘business-as-usual’ for the city when it comes to events and happenings. International Yoga Day will also be celebrated there today. Bombay Times learns that Trafalgar Square will come alive with yogis from all over Europe and doing the finale is actor, singer and mindfulness speaker Raageshwari Loomba Swaroop. She is putting together a finale with spiritual standing postures, baby yoga (postures that can be done with the baby tied on you), ancient vedic chants and a Bhakti yoga dance with danseuse Arunima Kumar. Talking to BT from London, she says, “The entire intention is to bring cultures together. All religions under one umbrella of peace and harmony.” Having cured her facial paralysis with yoga and meditation, Raageshwari also credits conceiving naturally at 41, to this. “Yoga is not about touching toes or standing on your head, that will happen anyway, but yoga is all about touching the real you. I have been doing yoga since 2000, when i was facially paralysed. I engage in yoga for an hour every day. It’s like an active meditation. Even my one-year-old daughter Samaya does the ‘downward dog’ with me,” she adds.


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