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 Sara Ali Khan’s clear-cut story of weight loss journey.

​”Nobody wants to see a 96-kilo lead actress,” she opened up in an interview, expressing her views on career and body transformation. This article takes you through the immense effort and mental pavement Sara Ali Khan had to keep up with to lose her weight.

This star new ranker into the Bollywood was once a pizza guzzler but marking her into wanes as a diva is what created her fans throughout the country.

Let’s jump right in, to know how it all started for Sara Ali Khan to muster the courage to stay fit and choose acting over her subjects!


The pre-journey claws!

It started with the theatre interest besides her post-graduation in history. The interview canvases Sara Ali Khan with wide range of questions and turns out theatre was in her blood.

She said, “We can talk about acceptance and equality, but you will not watch a movie with your lead heroine being 96 kilos.” The first step towards her dream was to cater to the body, make herself fitter in due time.

However, that didn’t mean she was going the skinny way. Size zero figure never impressed her and neither did being overweight. In her own words, Sara said that she wanted to feel healthy and empowered, emotionally, physically and mentally.


The challenge

With all the fitness streaming in her lifestyle, she was not concerned about weight loss but more to do with her health. Not being fond of size zero has discreetly put her on thread mill to maintain good health ever since she discovered that she had PCOS.

She admits that she was fat as a consequence of PCOS, and with more exercise and weight-loss, the problem could go sorted.

She prattles, “With me, being fat was also a consequence of polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS). Our job is demanding when it comes to hours, mood, dedication, commitment, and focus. You cannot afford to have [your] hormones all over the place. Weight loss for me was as much about health and confidence as it was about vanity.


She hit the rock bottom

On many fights back to India, Sara had never experienced like the way she did in one of her visits, her mother barely recognised her.  It couldn’t get more embarrassing and disheartening to Sara.

This incident made a turning point in her life and things abruptly changed when she didn’t make any video calls with her mother until she became thin. She set her goal to lose weight and made surreal sacrifices on pizza.

She even completed her graduation early so that she had time to focus on her body.


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