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Temperature checks fail to filter corona patients!

Procedures have so far accounted and segregated corona patients, but have they precisely done it? The study and analysis in recent times show that the temperature checks alone cannot identify the coronavirus. This test can miss people who haven’t developed the symptoms yet!


Key Highlights

  • Specialists say that the precision of the temperature checks depends on the type of thermometer being used and its administrator.
  • Adding to the note, temperature checking will identify some people with COVID-19 but slip away with people who are asymptomatic or haven’t developed symptoms yet.
  • Physical distancing is the primary concern and a must to followed by the people in all sectors. Especially, those at workplaces and public institutes.
  • They recommend following the safety measures such as face masks and physical distancing in addition to temperature checks.


The lockdown relief

There is a good chance of you getting your temperature checked before entering your workplace and thus sanitising your hands too. The lockdown relief will accommodate the economy revival with umpteen measures against coronavirus.

The practice is approved under the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission’s Pandemic Preparedness in the Workplace in foreign countries. How are we estimating this act?

As more states loosen shelter-in-place guidelines, checking for fevers may become more common for both employees and the general public. But is it an effective way to stop the transmission of COVID-19?


Are temperature screenings truly reliable?

Dr James Leo, a chief medical officer from California has estimated that oral digital thermometer is the most accurate ones to measure asymptomatic and symptomatic people. They practical It is highly difficult to screen a large number of people.

Following which are Ear thermometers but they can be prone to error, especially if the ear canal is blocked by wax. So that’s a no!

The doctor also adds, noncontact forehead infrared thermometers have poorer accuracy, while infrared thermal cameras used for mass screening show variable accuracy. “They have not been well-correlated with oral temperatures,” he said.

Dr Tista Ghosh, an epidemiologist, acclaimed medical director at Grand Rounds, said that Healthline with noncontact, self-administered screenings provide the lowest risk.

They minimize all person-to-person contact. Some employers may choose to have employees pre-screen their own temperatures before coming to work, while others may choose worksite screenings,” Ghosh said. “Infrared thermometer at a self-service station can be accurate, depending on the manufacturer”, she said.

It does not require anyone to administer, and the temperature data may be sent directly to a manager. These models are typically more expensive than a handheld thermometer or thermal scanner,” she said.

The self-analysis protocols!

Another option is giving employees a handheld infrared thermometer so they can take their own temperature. “This could, however, be prone to some user error and would require the entry attendants to wear masks, gloves, and other personal protective equipment (PPE),” Dr. Tista Ghosh said.


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