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This is how Hrithik achieved the great body that he has!

Hrithik Achieved The Great Body
Being a person with a sensitive and discriminating taste, Hrithik does not like to give up his favorite foods to acquire the desired physique. He has a great liking for sweet foods including ice creams and chocolates. Therefore, with a desire to get into the best possible shape for the movies, he hired Kris Gethin as his trainer and later Marika Johansson as his nutrition expert.
Under Gethin’s guidance, Hrithik’s diet plan included 100g of meat along with some healthy sources of carbohydrates, such as a cup of pasta or rice, spinach, broccoli, and sprouts. After sticking to this routine for 2-3 weeks, he switched to a normal diet plan having foods such as meatballs, pancakes, fish, 7 egg whites, yogurt, and 2 slices of toast together with some supplements like glutamine, multivitamins, and protein powders. Apart from being rich in nutrients, his diet regime was not short of taste or variety.

Hrithik Roshan Workout Routine

CrossFit training 5 times a week: Bungee Sprints, TRX Drills, Sandbag Drills, Cone Drills, Sledge Hammer Drills, Jacobs Ladder Drills, Tire Flips, Plyometrics, Shoulder Press, Kettlebell Swings, Power Bag Exercises, Bear Crawls, T-Bar Anchor Swings, Kickboxing
Monday – Back, Chest, and Calves (1-3 sets of exercises with around 10 reps): Incline dumbbell flyes, dumbbell bench press, bent-over barbell row, underhand cable pulldowns, back extensions, calf raises in both seated and standing postures
Tuesday – Legs (2-5 sets of exercises with 12-15 reps): Seated leg tucks, leg press, leg curls, leg extensions, hack squat
Wednesday – Rest
Thursday – Abs, Shoulders, and Calves (2-3 sets of exercises with around 12 reps): Barbell military press in seated position, side lateral raise, upright barbell row, weighted sit-ups, reverse flyes, seated as well as standing calf raises
Friday – Arms (2-3 sets of exercises with 10-15 reps): Dumbbell pullover, overhead triceps extension using cable rope, lying triceps extension with cable, straight-arm pull down, dumbbell triceps extension in a standing position, concentration curls, alternate bicep curl with dumbbells, standing biceps curl with cable




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