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Tick-Tock! Save the Memory clock!

Could be sweet memories or bitter. Do you know the cache that helps you find your search cookies in the vast broadband? No, I am not talking of the hard disk! Neither the cloud data you have a plethora of access to. Change the views, look within my sweet souls!


How do they affect us?

Ever had the tinkering warm thoughts that allows you to have a moment of peace and helping you tune into yourself.  When your thoughts run, especially those beautiful holidays you spent in your dream location, that conversation that changed the way you view your world, etc.

The timeless memories are a source of mental energy that gives you the strength to deal with any challenges in your lives. Here is another truth, what about people who don’t hold any good memories?


What is Memory?

All the memories are never the same. Here is how it functions. It is more of a process of acquiring, storing and recalling that information. There are different types of memories i.e short term and long term. Sometimes, our edgy brain confuses our memory with mixed information.


The organisation of the memory

Sometimes you’ll never know the value of the moment unless you turn it to memory. The information might associate itself with a chain of events or thoughts.

Tapping the right information is often due to replacing the idea in reality or you see something related to the strong experience you had.  


Why do we forget?

This could sometimes lead to mixed memory structures in your brain. There are many aspects in which memory fails you in remembering the most crucial pieces of information.


The main causes involve shocks and even when one memory competes with another memory, it brings in the higher chances of losing particular information.

Turns out, it most often occurs during the time of exams. One could picture the answers yet the stress will occupy the rest of the time and space causing the niche information you ought to remember.


So, to people who hold no better memories, do not worry, the purpose is always to start making better ones. You always have a second chance and there are many ways to improve your memories that the scientists have come forthwith.


Enhancing your memory

Apart from the psychologists who help you through the bad memories, they have a cognitive solution to jog those memory muscles in your brain.

Group activities are a part of the game in enhancing your memory cells. The more active your brain is the better is the reception of information and you could remember it well.

A good diet that includes dry fruits such as Almonds could help you enhance your energy and boost your brain’s cognitive functions such as your memory.


Make them count!


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