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Find Out Virat Kohli’s Fitness Secret And His Daily Diet Plan!!

Virat Kohli is a truly determined sportsperson, who is not only focused towards his cricketing skills but also towards staying fit. No wonder, many fitness freaks idolize Virat Kohli and go crazy to find out secrets of Virat Kohli workout and diet plan. Are you curious about how Virat Kohli works out? Want to know about Virat Kohli’s Diet Plan? Well, let’s have a look at Virat Kohli Workout and Diet Plan!

Virat Kohli’s Diet Plan

The diet plan of Virat Kohli is not very complicated. Some of the quick facts about Virat Kohli’s daily diet are:

Virat loves eating fresh home cooked food. Eating less to be in shape doesn’t seem to be Virat’s idea of staying fit. He is not shy of eating food but he is not a food junkie.

Virat Kohli is a foodie who suggests eating to heart’s content. But at the same time, he advises avoiding junk food. He prefers to substitute fatty foods like fried chips with healthy alternatives like wheat crackers. This not only helps to satisfy you  ‘in between meal’ hunger cravings but also ensures less calorie intake at the same time.

Good protein intake is what Virat prefers, as it helps in muscle building. This in-turn gives strength and stamina to hit some cracking shots over the boundary line. Salmon, Sushi and Lamb Chops seem to top his list of favorites.

He firmly believes in staying hydrated and fresh. In addition to this, he prefers drinking only mineral water. The reason for this is to stay free from any water borne diseases or health issues which can be avoided by drinking good quality mineral water. This helps him stay healthy during his cricket tours and fit to play a stunning knock on the ground.

Virat Kohli’s Workout Plan

It is a well known fact that Virat Kohli has a great inclination towards staying fit and toned up. From his cracking shots on the ground to his swift sprints between the wickets and to his fabulous & sharp focus on the field, there is no doubt that Virat Kohli is one of the fittest cricketers in the world. On field or off field, Virat Kohli is very disciplined when it comes to staying in shape. Regular fitness exercises during practice sessions before a match are just one part of his fitness schedule. Apart from this, Virat is a regular at the gym and follows a strict workout routine.

Five-day work out with two days for rest

A powerful combination of weights and cardio exercises. This helps in gaining lean ‘n’ strong muscles, good body strength ‘n’ stamina, and toning lower body muscles. The result is explosive running between the wickets and strong arm throws during fielding.

No smoking or drinking habits for better immunity, stamina, and focus during workouts.


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