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 Why is washing hands so important? 

Beware of the germs that are not visible by the naked eyes! How important is it to wash with care? Unlike the lazy Indian perks, germs on surfaces especially on your hand, mobile phone multiply a lot easier. WHO has declared hand wash is one of the innate ways to stay hygienic! Thereby, preventing any germs from lasting its presence on the surfaces we touch.


How to wash your hands?  

There are a couple of handwashing techniques to help you sail through a safe journey in the COVID 19 times. There are advertisers, info ads that speak of many ways to wash your hands. It is said that frequent hand was up to 20 seconds each time can help you keep you off infections.

Frequently, washing hands with water can liberate the soft skin thereby stripping the moisture off. Many questions lead you to question your everyday life habits.  This article educates you about how to keep your hands healthy and at the same time germ-free.


When exactly should you wash?

It is considered as one of the highest hygienic habits with the countless germs that are multiplying constantly. If so, here is what you must consider before and after, now and then to wash your hands

Washing your hands before:

  • Preparing or cooking food,
  • Before you touch any sensitive areas (eyes, mouth, ears & other sensitive areas in the body)
  • Taking medicines & removing contact lenses,

Washing your hands after:

  • Cooking food, preparing food.
  • Using the washroom, cleaning up your babies, after your children use the washroom.
  • Petting, touching an animal, animal feed, your pet’s toys.
  • Sneezing, coughing, touching any of the intimate areas.
  • Treating wounds, providing medicine.

Other reasons to wash your hands:

Personal care is the most important factor for healthy wellbeing. Using public bathrooms, restrooms at home are of no exception. Post travelling in public transport, post meetings, etc.

Post visiting a hospital for a consultation, after cleaning the house and also completing the household chores. Post handling the papers, touching doorknobs. Washing your hands’ post all of these activities and more precautions are always welcome.


Tips for easy handwashing!  

It is important to keep your skin pH balanced to maintain a healthy surface. However, washing your hands consistently within a day can strip the moisture off. Especially, now that you have to wash every once in 2 hours. If need be, more.

Using a normal sanitizer often doesn’t make way for healthier hands. Knowing when to make use of the sanitizer makes it easy for you. Also, the best sanitizer to make use of is effective is if the composition of alcohol is more than 60%.

Follow these steps:

  • Wet your hands with clean, running water — either warm or cold.
  • Apply soap and lather well.
  • Rub your hands vigorously for at least 20 seconds. Remember to scrub all surfaces, including the backs of your hands, wrists, between your fingers and under your fingernails.
  • Rinse well.
  • Dry your hands with a clean towel or air-dry them.
  • An alternative for a soap bar, home-prepared soap with crème moisturisers can help maintain the pH balance.
  • Compelling your family members to wash their hands frequently. Educating them about the same.
  • Elders can use warm water to wash hands if they feel extremely uncomfortable washing hands in cold water.

Get creative in washing hands of the toddlers, teach them the fun aspects of learning to wash hands. You could play thumb games to keep them engaged.



Now that you know why washing hands can help you, advice and spread the word to your family and friends. More than anything, stop touching your face often and keep away from touching your hair or any other thing.


Staying mindful of eating cleaning, washing & creating a cleaner environment will help you wear your defences well against the COVID 19.

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