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Here’s An Essential Guide To Prepping You Up For Those Parties That Awaits You

Guide To Prepping

Here’s an essential’s guide to prepping you up for the slosh party that awaits you. And this one’s not about what you should be drinking, and how much. But with what. Most drinkers don’t stop a moment to evaluate what’s going into their system with alcohol, and what effect a combination of the two can have on their system. We have come up with seven scenes that you are typically likely to encounter, and how you should act.

You’ve overdone the tan at the beach and are craving a cold beer or cocktail.

When you experience sunburn, the blood vessels in your skin expand, and this can lead to dehydration. Booze adds to the effect, slowing down the skin’s natural healing process. Don’t drink until your skin is back to normal.

You have a spa appointment and they are offering you a flute of champagne.

Champagne can actually add to a massage’s effects. But there’s a catch. You should down two to three glasses of water before sipping on the bubbly since messages are known to be dehydrating and stick to one glass, otherwise, you are going to erase the effect of happy hormones, serotonin and dopamine that your body usually releases during a calming massage.

You are at the fag end of an antibiotics course, feeling upbeat, and have an invitation to a party.

Go for it.This is a simple test. If you are feeling good, it’s fine to sip on one drink. But it’s important to listen to your body because alcohol impacts the white blood cells’ capacity to fight infections. If you are going to binge drink before you have recovered fully, your immune system will be muzzled. Better still, call your physician to check.


You are happy high, and suddenly in the mood for a romp.

A light, happy buzz can do wonders to prod you into loosening up by numbing the area of your brain that gets all strung up with inhibition. But if you’ve had one too many, reserve sex for another time. You are not only likely to make bad judgments, the dehydrating effect of booze also affects the lubrication of a woman’s privates.

You had a few drinks with your colleagues at the bar, but can’t sleep once back home. Should you pop an over-the-counter sleep med?

When alcohol and sleep medication come together, they affect the mind’s capacity to think straight. This means, the following day, anything from your ability to drive your car judiciously to basic cognitive functions can be affected. Experts suggest picking up a magazine and reading till you doze off. You will.

After a long flight, you are jet-lagged. You are wondering if you should order a tipple through room service

Sometimes, alcohol feels like the quickest, most effective trick to relax, but booze only worsens the effects of jet lag. Here’s why Your body is still working according to the time it is on the land you left, and a drink will make you feel three times worse. Besides, booze isn’t a good friend of sleep hormones, which means sleeping after ODing on drinks will be tough anyway.

You are just back from a work trip, and drowsy, but it’s your best buddy’s birthday bash. You want to chug an energy drinking before hitting the bar

If you’ve had an energy drink, sip on mocktails for the night. Energy drinks are stocked with caffeine and other stimulating ingredients that negate the sedative effect of alcohol.

What this means is that you’ll end up drinking way more, leaving you vulnerable to passing out.



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