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If Flatulence Is A Palpable Cause Of Social Discomfort For You


Embarrassing yet mostly uncontrollable, flatulence is something you try to avoid especially in a public place. While bodily emissions are natural to some degree, if it’s a palpable cause of social discomfort for you, then it’s time you took some action. But stop before you make way for the drug store. There are several dietary options sitting in your very kitchen that can help you fight flatulence. Let’s begin!

What causes flatulence?

Though some foods are to blame for producing gas, one has to learn what their body is trying to tell them. For each person, the food will differ. It is best to record the foods that leave you red in the face. At the very root of it: Your smaller intestine contains an enzyme called lactase that breaks down lactose present in foods. If there’s not enough lactase, lactose doesn’t break down – releasing gas due to fermentation.

What really happens?

When food travels through your digestive tract, it produces energy and waste. But when your digestive system finds certain food difficult to break down, the by-product is gas. What happens is that the undigested food that is infested with bacteria moves to the colon and stays there producing flatulence and belches.

Flatulence causing foods:

Everyone reacts to food differently, some are lactose intolerant and others are sugar intolerant. Both can affect digestion for different people; let’s take a look at the ingredients for digestive disaster:

Some fruits that are rich in sugar that may cause flatulence: Bananas, peaches, apricots, pears, and raw apples.

Some vegetables like onions, green peppers, cauliflower, broccoli, maize, cabbage, and peas. Keep in mind, that cooking methods (if vegetables are overcooked) and quantities consumed may also hamper digestion.

Beans contain sugar that is known as raffinose that ignites tumulous gases. The most popular ingredient in the Indian kitchen can be gassy. Starchy food like potatoes, corn, and wheat can result in flatulence.

Dairy products

 – Lactose intolerant simply implies the inability to digest the sugar in milk. Beverages with sweetened fructose like colas, aerated drinks, and certain juices can cause flatulence.

Dried Fruits – Apricots and prunes are what you should avoid if you feel any discomfort around the time of dry fruits consumption.

How to keep flatulence under control


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