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Is there an art of drinking water?

Art Of Drinking Water

Just like there is an art of eating, and an art of living, it might amuse you, but there’s also an art of drinking water. Human bodies are built up of 70 to 80 billion cells and about 75 to 80 per cent of these cells comprises of water.

Our body requires water for metabolic activity for a strong immunity, for weight loss, for cellular function etc. The way we drink water is extremely important for a healthy well-being.

Holistic nutritionist and specialist in alternative medicine Luke Coutinho explains how we can effectively master this art, for a healthy system…

The perfect way to drink water

The one question that may make you wonder is what’s the perfect way to drink water? Is there an art of drinking water?

Luke says, “All you need to do is sit and sip your water slowly so that it mixes with your saliva. Your saliva being alkaline in nature when enters into the stomach also helps to stabilize the excess acid in the stomach. So one way of getting that saliva from your mouth to your stomach is through the way you drink water. Sipping water slowly helps to effectively carry saliva from your mouth into the stomach, to soothe the acids.”

Don’t drink water with meals

Another tip while you sip water is having a glass of water 15 to 30 minutes before or after your meal and preferably at a lukewarm or room temperature water. And if you feel thirsty while eating your meals, it’s advisable to have just a sprinkle of water. Refrain from drinking large sips of water combined with your meals. Remember too much of water will dilute your digestive acids, affecting digestion.

Listen to your body before gulping down water

Always drink only when you are thirsty and don’t wait to get too thirsty. Listen to your body’s defence and warning mechanism. Just like it signals when you are hungry, listening to it more closely also indicates you when we’re thirsty.

When one is working in an air-conditioned environment, your body may not get the thirst signal due to the air temperature, causing the problem of dehydration. Lips drying quickly are another indicator of low levels of water and there is a need to hydrate immediately. One also needs to hydrate when the colour of their urine is dark.

Have two glasses of water for each glass of coffee

For a good cellular metabolism and cellular energy, it is important that water gets absorbed into our cells completely; sipping water slowly allows it to get absorbed into the system. Another point to note down is while one drinks too much of tea and coffee, it acts as diuretics in the body; which flushes out excess water and vitamins from the body.

So for every glass of coffee, one has to have one to two glasses of water to replenish the excess water that’s flushed out.


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