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Know Why Sleep Is Absolutely Vital For You

Are you finding it difficult to sleep? Are you asking yourself in vain, how to fall asleep faster? You have probably tried the sheep counting trick to no avail. So what should you really do to transport yourself into la la land as soon as your head hits the pillow?

Unless you are diagnosed with a disease or are on potent medication, the root cause of most sleep problems is anxiety. This happens more when you have been having a tough time falling asleep for several days. Anxiety hits you all the harder, prompting you to spend wakeful nights, unable to make your eyelids meet. A good 7-8 hours of sleep can do wonderful things to your body, causing you to feel rested, which enables you to feel rejuvenated and fresh, in addition to having other benefits. We all know that sleep is essential, but exactly how essential, is what we’re about to find out in this article.

Why Sleep is Absolutely Vital for You

There cannot be anything worse than trying to coerce yourself to sleep, that too in vain. Even the 1000th sheep may not help you to fall asleep, if you have been counting sheep, that is.

Spending your time on gadgets and gizmos is just one of the things that can keep you up and give you sleepless nights. So before trying things to help you sleep, try to understand why those 8 hours of snooze-time are absolutely vital for you.

It will make you fat

Are you eating right and spending quality time at the local gym, yet don’t seem to inch closer to your goal? Check your snooze cycles. Yes, more and more studies are coming forth, proving that skimping on sleep can make you fat. It also points to the potent fact that well-rested people tend to eat lesser calories and also don’t compromise on their exercise schedules. If you have stayed up late spending hours on social media, chances are that you are more likely to miss your morning jog, than otherwise. Once your sleep cycles get disrupted, you are much more likely to make bad food choices throughout the day. So, you get the point, just missing those few hours of sleep; can impact your health negatively.

Adequate hours of sleep can make you feel more productive at your home and workplace

Sleep enhances your brain’s cognitive function, productivity, performance and concentration powers. So now you can put two and two together and conclude why things go horribly wrong at work, especially those days when you sacrifice sleep the night before. If you have been trying to stifle a yawn at that all important meeting or are feeling fatigued and listless all through the day, it just proves that you are definitely not doing it right as far as sleep is concerned.

Poor sleep often leads to depression

People with sleep problems like sleep apnea often complain of their lack of quality sleep. People with poor sleeping patterns do feel more down in the dumps, and if it continues for a longer period of time, your mental health will definitely get affected.

Your immunity gets severely impaired if sleep eludes you

More and more studies have confirmed the fact that your immunity is much more likely to get affected if you sleep for a lesser number of hours. In fact, it has been found that people who sleep for less than seven hours are much more likely to suffer from common cold. On the other hand, people who sleep for eight hours or so are less likely to get affected by common cold frequently.

Poor sleep can lead to inflammation

People who sleep poorly also suffer from diseases resulting from long time inflammation, like inflammatory bowel diseases.Your doctor may recommend evaluating your sleep cycles if you are suffering from long-term inflammatory problems.

Less sleep can up your risk of getting strokes and heart diseases

Paying less importance to your sleep patterns can prove to be fatal. Yes, more and more studies are confirming the fact that less sleep is indeed hurtling you towards heart diseases and other chronic ailments. This should prove to be a warning in itself, that you need to take stock of your sleep patterns.

Sleep problems can increase insulin sensitivity

Yes; if you sacrifice sleep, you are much more likely to increase your chances of suffering from chronic diseases like diabetes.


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