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Learn How To Deal With Increasing Stress Level

Dealing with Stress

Thanks to a consistent diet of junk food, stress and not enough time to exercise, a large number of people today suffer from low energy levels. To improve your energy levels, you must start by following a healthy lifestyle — and this means a complete overhaul depending on how undisciplined you are. Make yourself more active (start with a brisk walk or a short jog) and learn how to deal with increasing stress levels (meditation, breathing exercises and yoga help). But one of the most effective ways to boost your energy levels is to make sure you follow a healthy and balanced diet.


Pay attention to the food you consume — increase your consumption of carbohydrates, protein and fats — these are the three most essential nutrients your body needs. And when your body gets these in abundance, your metabolism automatically increases. Carbs get converted into glucose, which gets broken down in your blood and eventually provides energy. Include foods like cereals, beans, whole-grain pasta and bread in your diet. Even starchy vegetables are a good bet. These foods are packed with fiber, which takes a while to digest and hence, keeps you full for a little longer than usual. Protein — another essential nutrient — is found in certain fish, chicken, pork tenderloin, beans, lentils, which will all keep your energy levels up.


Stay away from fizzy and sugary drinks because while they will initially give you a rush of energy, eventually you will ‘crash’ when your blood sugar levels fluctuate causing low energy levels and mood swings. It is best to keep yourself hydrated — water is your best bet — it will make sure you don’t get dehydrated and make you feel tired and rundown. You should also space out your meals carefully. Instead of having three large meals a day, stick to six or seven small meals — basically, the idea is to eat every two hours so that you don’t get hunger pangs.


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