UP Man Found With Rare Condition - All His Organs On The Wrong Side!

UP Man Found With Rare Condition – All His Organs On The Wrong Side!

Organs On The Wrong Side

Rare Condition: Imagine going to the doctor after suffering from a mild stomach pain only to find out that your organs are on the wrong side. Sounds really baffling, but that’s what happened with Jamaluddin, a resident of Padrauna in Uttar Pradesh’s Kushinagar.


When Dr. Shashikant Dixit diagnosed Jamaluddin he was shocked to see his x-ray and ultrasound reports. 
According to NDTV, the reports claimed that all his organs are placed on the wrong side. His heart is on the right side while his liver and gallbladder are on the left.  

Dr Dixit spoke to NDTV, saying: 


We found stones in his gall bladder. But it is extremely difficult to take out the stones if the gall bladder is located on the left side. We had to take the help of three dimensional laparoscopic machines to perform the surgery.


The last time someone was diagnosed with a similar condition was back in the year 1643.

The condition:

Dr Dixit spoke to NDTV, saying:

This condition, called Situs Inversus, is a congenital condition in which the body’s major organs are reversed or mirrored from their normal positions.
Though Jamaluddin is recovering, the future remains uncertain since it is very difficult to treat a person like this, especially when surgery is the only way forward.
The organization of these four organs—the liver, gallbladder, stomach and pancreas—are dependent on their function. The liver is an oddly shaped organ, the largest in our body, and there is more space on the right side of the body than the left, as the stomach is often situated more on the left side than the center.
Take a peek on the placement of our body:

When you look at yourself in a mirror, your body may appear relatively symmetrical, with two eyes, two ears, two arms, and so on. But under the skin, your left and right sides house different internal organs.

Here’s a brief guide to the internal left side of your body, starting at your upper left.

Left lung

Your left lung has only two lobes compared with your right lung, which has three lobes. This asymmetry allows room for your heart on the left.

What it does

The lungs are your breathing apparatus. They take in oxygen and eliminate carbon dioxide. The lungs sit inside your rib cage.

The lungs are made up of a spongy pink material. The lungs expand and contract as you breathe. The parts of the lungs involved in air intake are:

  • bronchi
  • bronchiole tubes
  • alveoli

The lungs themselves don’t have very many pain receptors, so issues with the lungs often come across as symptoms like coughing and shortness of breath.

Self-cleaning lungs

Your lungs have a self-cleaning, brushlike apparatus that clears out mucus and harmful substances.


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