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Menstruation Tips For Beginners! – Diet, Health Tips, Comfort

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Healthy habits during periods costs you nothing more than a little extra care and concern over your body. Often, we miss out the period tips that has come a long way our grandmothers or mothers used to follow. However, the lifestyle back the and now are different to 180 degrees.


The Cramps, aches and mood swings are the common side play of the period.  Hysteria is another major drawback during the phase. Once every month, you’re more than likely to face all of the above odds in order to keep your body in good harmonic condition. Periods can also tell you a lot about your body.


Whatever you do in your daily routine has an impact on your health too. “You’re what you eat” as the saying goes is of no lesser importance. In the making of your body, it is more than advisable to fine tune your habits for a better health in the long run. So, it might be a good idea to practice healthy habits during this time of the month in order to understand your body functioning and help yourselves feel better with few tips and care.


Healthy period comprises of certain dos and don’ts during core menstruation cycles. The pre menstrual syndrome along with the blood flow and many other factors that cause you inconvenience during the cycle should be dealt with.


With the present education of personal care, many young girls and even women can’t comprehend what needs to be done and most importantly what not to do when they are on their periods. Generations before, there were certain taboos associated with the periods in many customs and countries. However, there is not much difference with the way our body tends to react to circumstances. So, what healthy habits during periods are a must?


What needs to be avoided during your periods?


Ignoring the color? The variation in color, has to be noticed from the start to the quarter of the week where you have least bleeding. Starting from bright red to the dark red during your periods. This change in color is completely normal and indicates the rising estrogen levels in your blood.

Bright red one day, and brown or pinkish the next. It usually starts out with brown spotting and turns into a bright shade of red. Towards the end of the cycle, it could be dark brown to almost black. However, if it is anything out of these three, you should call your doctor right away.


Not tracing your period cycle? Not monitoring the dates would make it hard for you too decide the health. You can understand more about your overall health including your mood swings, sex drives and when you could be fertile.

Any irregularity from the norm will alarm you to consult your gynecologist and clarify the cycle issues.

A foot note: The average fertile window lasts about six days (the 5 days leading up to ovulation and 24 hours after ovulation has occurred), with the greatest chance of conception being the two days before ovulation.

Consuming Alcohol: The risks involved in this are quite high, though the cravings are quite high during the periods, certain cravings raise the risks of PMS. As a matter of fact, Alcohol increases the mood swings and cramps even. The best drinks to take during this time is hot chocolate drink for better blood circulation in the body, water for hydration, herbal teas even.

However, avoid caffeine during this time as body and the mind needs rest. It is purely your choice, whatever comforts you under your Gynecologists’ advice.


Unprotected Sex: It’s perfectly safe to have sex during your period. It’s perfectly safe to have sex during your period. While there is no damage in engaging in sexual relations on your period (it is viewed as solid even), the danger of getting a STD expands. On the off chance that you are ignorant of your accomplice’s medicinal status, it is best not to rehearse unprotected sex. Furthermore, the odds of getting a bacterial or yeast disease turns out to be high.

So, whenever you are experiencing that time, it is ideal to pursue these practices. This will advance better cleanliness and both physical just as mental prosperity. In the event that you have a few bits of knowledge on what to abstain from during your period, remember to impart a few hints and deceives to us in the remark segment beneath.

Indeed, having a climax may help mitigate menstrual issues. It’s conceivable (albeit uncommon) for a lady to get pregnant during her period. A lady has a decent possibility of getting to be pregnant from unprotected vaginal intercourse during the six days that end in ovulation.


Frequency in changing: Normally changing your tampons or cushions is basic for keeping up legitimate cleanliness. All in all, what is the perfect span you ought to utilize them for? With regards to cushions, you can transform them at regular intervals in this way, or once they get drenched. This will be progressively normal toward the beginning of your period.

To the extent tampons are concerned, five hours ought to be all that could possibly be needed. Tampons, particularly the super-permeable kind can cause a lethal condition known as the Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS). It can create on the off chance that you leave the tampon on for long. It is exceptionally prescribed that you utilize the low-permeable variation and change them regularly.


Words of advice: As frequently as you have to. In all actuality, the time span you can wear a cushion truly relies upon how substantial your stream is.

Diet during:

Beside being perhaps the most advantageous sustenance as a rule, salmon helps ease period cramping. The omega-3 unsaturated fats this fish contains are know for their cell reinforcement and calming properties which can help loosen up the uterus, reducing the cramping torments. You can pick between salmon sushi, rolls, or flame broiled salmon to get the most advantages. Other than salmon is wealthy in brilliant protein, in B nutrients, which make you acquire vitality from nourishment you eat.



In case you’re experiencing a sporadic solid discharge or period prompted looseness of the bowels, bananas will make every one of your inconveniences leave. The tremendous measures of magnesium, potassium, and fiber that banana contains will help with your solid discharge and will likewise relaxingly affect your state of mind. Magnesium is likewise known to be a valuable muscle relaxer, and it will likewise help facilitate the cramping torment.


Dark chocolate

It is safe to say that you are searching for any reason to eat more chocolate? On the off chance that you are, the period is the best time to treat yourself with some sound natural dim chocolate. Chocolate is the best time frame comfort sustenance.


In any case, avoid drugstore desserts and handled treats, in light of the fact that the chocolate that contains counterfeit sugars isn’t everything advantageous to your wellbeing. Go to your neighborhood natural sustenance store or some other natural nourishment provider and get some unique, natural dull chocolate.



Is it true that you are experiencing weakness during periods? Assuming this is the case, broccoli is the sustenance to go with. There are endless approaches to cook broccoli in the event that you don’t incline toward it in your eating routine. You can bubble it, flame broil it, saute it, and you can likewise utilize it to make a green smoothie. Filaments and a lot of iron in broccoli will help make up for a portion of the iron you will lose because of period dying.


Broccoli is likewise wealthy in fiber, and will rapidly sustain your body, which will diminish swelling, just as the sporadic solid discharge. Magnesium and potassium, both found in huge sums in broccoli, facilitate the majority of the annoying PMS indications. Be that as it may, don’t include an excessive amount of salt as it will prompt more water maintenance in your body.



Oranges are extraordinary sustenance to eat to diminish the period indications. They contain nutrient D and calcium which soothes nervousness and misery. How does this occur? At the point when expended together, nutrient D and calcium mitigate issues and hurts and help calm burdensome side effects. Oranges are additionally wealthy in fiber which will without a doubt help your stomach related problems. They are likewise high in sugar and are an incredible sustenance to fall back on when you are longing for bites and treat.


Watermelons, figs, and plums

Common sugars found in these substances will effectively make up for the misfortunes that happen inside your body during the period. These organic products are furthermore wealthy in nutrients will without a doubt help with swelling. Watermelon is likewise basically made out of the water and will keep your body hydrated, further improving your mind-set and lessening issues.



The majority of the citruses, including oranges lemons and limes, help reduce emotional episodes and swelling. They are wealthy in fiber and nutrients. Also, citruses contain a great deal of water, and the supplements will assimilate into your circulatory system in all respects rapidly. On the off chance that you wind up inclination exhausted or sick during your menstrual cycle, a glass of lemon water or a smoothie with citrus organic products will rapidly ease the indications and help you feel better, new and empowered. In any case, don’t accept it in enormous amounts as it can cause stomach disturbance.



Eggs are among the most advantageous sustenances. The egg yolk contains a lot of Iron, fat dissolvable nutrients, fundamental unsaturated fats and proteins which is generally speaking gainful to have during your menstrual period. Nonetheless, hard-bubbled eggs are referred to cause swelling just as acid reflux to those with touchy stomachs. You ought to have eggs each day to facilitate your period side effects, yet abstain from eating hard-bubbled eggs as to not experience gas and swelling.



Chamomile tea doesn’t just loosen up your nerves, yet your uterus too. Chamomile tea will decrease seriousness of period spasms, uneasiness and misery related with it and it will enable you to nod off simpler too.

Foods to avoid during period:

Foods containing a great deal of synthetics, as canned nourishments, prepared meat, and dairy, will just intensify the swelling and cause you to hold more water inside your body. These foods contain huge measures of salt, which is generally undesirable to devour, let alone during the menstrual period.

Happy Period!

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