Nothing! But Yoga For Fitness, Wellness, Mental Health & A Flexible Body



We all know the importance of Yoga far to a certain extent. If not, we least know the fact that yoga has the power to transform a person and curate the depressed person. Well! Sounds more of a miracle and less of practical explanation? Here’s why!


Why don’t we choose yoga?

Apart from the physical form of exercise which brings a sense of relief to the muscles in and out of our body, it disciplines the body and charters the need to practice it every day.


The potential outcome of yoga is seen with the degree of yoga practice. Everyday is a step towards improvement. As you do it more frequently the person enhances his patience and core strength. 


Panel solid time for yourself as without you and without your health, the world around you jogs your body and mind until it wears out. When you’re doing all good your body supports you enough to cope with everyday stress and challenges to all the mere extent, the world is happy with your performance. Either at home or at work, professional or personal, outdoor or indoor, whichever sector needs balance and can be achieved with the “you” time.


Predominantly, work culture is such that it sweeps your time without you noticing the tick-tock. Hit the breaks, change the way you think you see things, you perceive things around you, about people, relationships. Now, this cannot be achieved overnight but the very next second! Oh yes! You heard it right! Change can take place in less than a second but it only takes time for us to accept it and get used to it.


Yoga by far has the potential to transform the pain to power.

Practicing yoga with good food by means healthy food can revolutionize your life. Yoga is assorted for different purposes. Practicing the verity of Asanas can help fix various problems in your system.  


When you go deeper into the taxonomy of the Yoga, different dimensions unfold including Science, Psychology, Geography and whatnot? You name it!


Make use of the mat!

It is no magical mat where you could hop on it and it swings you up in the air like Aladdin’s mat! We all know and have seen the people carrying the bold color mats to their morning or evening classes to flaunt off the health-conscious decision. NO! You have got it wrong!


The point of making use of the mat is not about comfort alone but also about the safety while you practice yoga for good long hours.


Here is what one needs to understand, a yoga mat is more than a tool that trains your body to relieve stress as you practice it. The unpredictable and chaotic life has a better way to start your day with the least. Why not start it with the right way of laying the mat on the floor and transforming the day with your morning practice.


Keep in mind, Yoga is practiced by all including those who have undergone surgery. By which means people would have higher chances of hurting themselves without a comfortable and frictional surface. Does that mean you go ahead and work it out on the floor that is rough? NO!


Yoga practices must and should have their yoga mats in place.


The physiology of yoga is all about the art of stretching those muscles. The stretchi-fication is all done under the supervision of an experienced person or under your own risk. The chances of doing it with a mat are much more effective, stress-relieving and comfortable stretches. It does more than comfort can offer you it provides your defined space.


Tone those muscles and mind with a simple yet magical tool that transforms the day for you!


The best time to do . . .

Tentatively, it is practiced at the early mornings (during the sunrise), noon and in the evening during the sunset.


The most effective time to practice yoga is the Brahma Muhurta meaning the early morning when your clock strikes 3:30 to 4:00 am. The science of this time period is far powerful.


To elevate the senses and letting the Yoga practice reach its highest potential is the criteria behind performing it early in the morning.


The main principle to abide by before you set out to practice Yoga is you should have an empty stomach, which means you should have had your food 3 to 4 hours prior.


Please be wary of the Asanas that enervate you just before you go to bed.


Yoga during Periods.


To the stigma warlords! Let your guard down and let us understand why Yoga is avoided during the menstruation. All of those sufferings such as overflow or underflow is all regulated with the help of few asanas in yoga. To those who associate negative emotions such as the extra burden and stress while practicing it, can see least of the advantages, it has in store.

Listen what Yoga has to say to this. If your approach is negative even the very thought of practicing it has negative outcomes. Yet, we would want to look forth the misty negative thoughts and understand Yoga and that it is not all about stretches and poses but also includes breathing exercises and Nidra Yoga.


If it is not too much of a burden and can associate the need to reduce period cramps and backache, you could possibly try out a few asanas.


Yoga and its sustenance

Yoga has been there since time immemorial. Ever since Sanatana dharma was in existence.  


Some conclude saying it was in practice during Buddhism. Which means that it may have been in use since 5000 years. 


And today, the world-renowned body workout reaping the benefits of mind and soul peace is nothing else but due to Yoga. On the world dynamic scale, it is associated with the spiritual corners of the world. The chances of it lasting? There is no question that visions better environment and mindsets for generations and dynasties to come other than yoga.


Shaping the crude yoga as is and storing its authenticity is far more important. When things change commercially it begins to lose its importance and the lesser quality leading to misconstrue Yoga. 

Not for any reason, there is a World Yoga day that UNO declared in the recent past to let the world dwell in true peace and healthy strata of life.


To get the runway of life set!



  • Doesn’t just reduce stress but relieves it from your system.
  • Removes Anxiety
  • Reduces the inflammation of the body.
  • Rapid increase of blood circulation in your body.
  • Skin is the biggest organ of the human body. To get that glowing young skin yoga is the best practice apart from the ample efforts you put to maintain the younger looking skin.
  • Better heart health.
  • Fights depression to a greater extent.
  • Not to sound cheesy but yes it does improve the quality of your life.



  • The cons that only one could associate is the injuries it brings if not done right.
  • Not the Yoga right but your body right. This includes the learning curve of the yoga, they say initially when a rocket is to be launched to space, it would require greater fuel and thrust.


Likewise, it would become the hard part of the learning curve initially but takes a big leap of change to better your lives.


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