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Nutrition: Healthy Eating For Kids

Nutrition Tips for Kids

What is nutrition?

Nutrition refers to everything that your child eats and drinks. Your child’s body uses nutrients from food to function properly and stay healthy. Nutrients include carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins, and minerals. In the right amounts, nutrients give your child energy to grow, learn, and be active. Calories are the amount of energy in the foods and drinks your child consumes. Children need a certain amount of calories to grow and develop. But if your child takes in more calories than his or her body needs, the extra calories will be stored as body fat.

Why is proper nutrition important?

Poor nutrition can cause health problems, overweight, and obesity. Some of the health problems associated with poor nutrition can be very serious, especially as your child grows into an adult. By teaching your child healthy eating habits, you can help prevent these health problems. Also, it’s much easier to maintain a healthy weight than it is to lose weight. Children who maintain a healthy weight are more likely to stay at a healthy weight as adults.

Possible effects of overweight or obesity in children

Heart disease


High blood pressure

High cholesterol


Sleep apnea

Some types of cancer


Being teased and bullied

Feeling bad about body

Feeling isolated and alone

Trouble learning

Trouble interacting with others

Benefits of good nutrition for children

Healthy weight for height

Mental well-being

Ability to learn and concentrate

Strong bones and muscles

Good energy level

Ability to fight off sickness and disease

Faster wound healing

Easier recovery from illness or injury

Reduced risk of heart disease, stroke, diabetes, cancers, and bone diseases in the future.


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