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Things To Keep In Mind If You Are Planning To Go For A Trekk This Monsoon!!

Trekking can be an enjoyable exercise if you’re well-prepared. Hence, it is important to train yourself before going on a trek because you never know what you have to encounter and also since you’re going to be carrying a heavy amount of weight on your shoulders while the trip.


Trekking In The Monsoon


One of the most important aspects of trekking is ensuring your core is strong. Since trekking involves uphill and downhill climbs while carrying a heavy rucksack, you need practice weight lifting exercises such as good morning lifts, deadlifts, etc, which improve the strength in your abdominal area as well as the spine.


Trekking In The Monsoon


You need to pay extra attention to your leg workouts since you’ll be doing so much of walking and climbing. Prepare for your trek with front squats, deadlifts, dumbbell step-up, Swiss ball leg curl, leg press, bodyweight calf raises, etc.


Trekking In The Monsoon



Don’t assume that everything will be smooth sailing on your trek. You might come across uneven terrain that needs careful maneuvering. This is where your balancing skills come into play. Working on your glutes will ensure you can balance yourself on any surface and one of the best exercises for this is to do regular step-ups.


Trekking In The Monsoon


Your endurance levels will be greatly tested during a trek so make sure that you train yourself by doing a lot of cardio exercises. Increase your pace gradually over time so that by the time your trek is close by, you’re well-prepared. Lastly, ensure that you do exercises that improve your flexibility — you don’t want to be stuck in the middle of nowhere with a bad injury.


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