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Plants you can keep in your bedroom to sleep better

Bedroom Plants

Nothing can be worse than tossing and turning in bed all night. Sleepless nights can take a toll on your health but there is a lot that you can do to cope up with your sleeping issues. One of the easiest ways for a better quality sleep is to fill your bedroom with beautiful plants and flowers. These plants will give you a relaxing effect, thus making you fall asleep easily.

Some health conditions like stress and anxiety also contribute to insomnia. Studies have proved that spending time with nature reduces stress. Hence, it’s a good idea to keep plants and flowers in your bedroom. These indoor plants purifies air around you and fixes many health issues.

Here is the list of a few plants that you can keep in your bedroom and have better sleep quality.

Aloe vera is listed as the top air-purifying plant by NASA. Unlike other plants, aloe vera emits oxygen at night, thereby helping you to breathe better. And the best part about this plant is that it requires minimum care and it grows easily.

Though spider plant resembles snake plant but is much better than snake plant. The Spider plant is called as “champion cleanser of air”. A test conducted by NASA shows that spider plant removes around 90 per cent of potentially cancer causing chemical formaldehyde lingering in the air./p>

With its beautiful fragrance, lavender has shown to slow down heart rate, lower blood pressure and levels of stress. A study says that lavender reduces crying in babies and they tend to sleep easily. It also reduces stress levels in new mothers. The lavender oil is one such substitute that provides same benefits.

Jasmine smells amazing. Its fragrance is believed to have natural healing properties. Several studies have shown that the plant scent has a positive effect on sleep problems and anxiety.

Snake plants improves indoor air quality, hence, help you breathe better. The way aloe vera produces oxygen at night, snake plant also does the same and makes your room a better place to sleep. This plant also filters a nasty and common household toxin, benzene from air.

Ivy is one of the best plants that makes the air quality better. The ivy plant soaks toxins from the air and reduces airborne mold by upto 94 per cent. Keeping this plant in your bedroom will make you breathe easier and you fall asleep faster.

Also, known as a Reed Palm, this small plant is a fantastic air purifier. Say goodbye to airborne diseases and toxins by keeping this plant in your bedroom. Due to its exotic origins, the bamboo palm provides the tropical warm atmosphere in your bedroom. Keep this plant moist and avoid direct sunlight.


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