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Prevent heart diseases – Women’s health diaries!  

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There are various factors why heart diseases arise. Many heart conditions including coronary heart diseases are more clear in women. The number of heart attack cases is the same in men and women in many countries. Today, this article verifies the factors that harm heart health. Also, how can modern women take the best care of themselves, let’s find out?


Awareness of heart disease:

It is a generic term that refers to different serious and non-serious heart conditions. It includes coronary artery disease & myocardial infarctions normally known as heart attacks.

There are very little warnings that certain heart diseases bring before the untimely attack. What women experience differs totally from the theories stated. So, here is how you identify those symptoms in women.

The symptoms often include upper back pain, jaw, neck and arm pain. Derogating breath or shortness of breath, stomach cramps or severe stomach-aches.

More likely symptoms that determine a heart attack in women are chest pressure, light-headed, and nausea.

Heart diseases after menopause:

1 in 3 women suffer the above symptoms post-menopause. The risk of the heart increases because of the decrease in estrogenic levels post-menopause.

Women in menopause or post-menopause have symptoms like pain & discomfort following around in the body. It can show up in arms, back, neck, stomach, high pressure in the chest.

Unnecessary sweating with no workout or activity. Please keep in mind, menopause alone does not cause heart diseases. It raises the risk factors if you pursue an unhealthy lifestyle. Consuming high-fat diet, smoking, irregular exercise, excessive drinking, over stress lead to cardiovascular diseases.

Since the estrogenic levels play a vital role in lowering your risk factors. So, during & after menopause, the hormone levels decrease and can make way for potential diseases.


Prevention of heart diseases:

Most of the factors lie in our consumption. Teaching our body to develop metabolism besides the failing rate of estrogenic levels is a good place to start from.

Pre-dominantly, changing the unhealthy lifestyle can help you keep your healthy balanced. Reducing obese fat in your body, cutting down alcohol consumption, reversing diabetes, maintaining good liver and gut health.

Plan your day out with right physical activity, a diet that has low sodium, calming the restless mind, not to overthink, managing stress levels, maintaining normal blood sugar levels.

For pregnant women, the above preventive methods help reduce the risk of facing a heart attack. Quit smoking and make a genuine effort in doing so.

Get a routine check on cholesterol, thyroid, blood, sugar levels every once in 6 months post-menopause.



Apart from lifestyle modifications, it is necessary we make the right decision during emergencies. Not prolonging the treatment in case of symptoms can do a great deal of good.

Once our estrogenic levels go down the immunity levels drop and this could develop risks in the body. Maintaining good physical health, taking a stroll in the park or in nature, eating low fat and maintaining a stress-free life can help you reduce such risk factors.

Happy health, dear women!



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