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Signs That Something Is Wrong With Your Thyroid!!!

It is invariably around the age of 35-40 years in many females that they begin to develop problems in the butterfly-shaped gland called thyroid gland. This power-packed gland secretes hormones which influence almost all the metabolic processes in the body. But how do you know that something is amiss with your thyroid? Here are 5 ways of suspecting something amiss:

You’re gaining weight

You seem to be doing everything right – eating low-fat food, exercising at least thrice a week and even keeping delicious desserts at bay – but still, you’re unable to shed the extra kilos. And instead

You’re feeling disproportionately exhausted and ‘blue’ for no apparent reason

You may feel low and depressed for no obvious reason and just can’t shake yourself out of it. A decrease in thyroid hormones can cause a general ‘tired and low feeling’ which even a good night’s sleep is unable to reverse. This is because thyroid hormones have an impact on the levels of the ‘feel good’ hormone Serotonin. A quick consultation with your doctor would help you catch the problem.

Your sex drive has dipped alarmingly

The lights are dim, there are scented candles lit, but still, you don’t feel like snuggling up to your spouse. The reason can be hormonal. Decreased levels of thyroid hormones are known to decrease your libido. And of course, the other symptoms of hypothyroidism, such as weight gain and low mood could compound the decreased sex drive.

Dry skin and brittle hair

Reduced thyroid hormone levels in your blood can cause thinning of hair and dryness of skin. Sweat glands decrease the production of the natural skin lubricant, sebum, making your skin itchy, flaky and looking dehydrated.

You’re bowel routines have changed:

Constipation is one of the top 3 symptoms of hypothyroidism. It slows down your digestive process and patients experience either a complete lack of urge for the stool or unsatisfactory bowel movements. A sluggish thyroid, therefore, could result in sluggish digestion. Of course, there could be other reasons for these bodily signs, especially if they are seen as individual deviants from health. But, if you have been noticing a combination of 2 or more of these symptoms, it would be prudent to check your thyroid levels… just to be sure!


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