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Smoking and Asthma: Foes, Not Friends!

Smoking and Asthma

Smoking and asthma: Foes, not friends! Are you contemplating giving up smoking for the sake of your asthmatic lungs? Read on – this is for you. Asthma is an airway disorder which commonly starts in childhood and is essentially an allergic response. Smoking though not directly responsible for asthma, is definitely responsible for worsening the condition of asthmatics. There is enough evidence which points towards the adverse effects of smoking on asthma. Both active smoking and passive smoking are known to influence asthma in one or the other way.

Here are some FACTS YOU MUST know:

Smoking is the biggest cause of ill health and premature death whether you are an asthmatic or not. And hence, you are doubling your risks if you continue to smoke with asthma.

Cigarette smoke irritates the airways and damages the mucous membranes along the respiratory tract. Thus, worsening your already weak respiratory tract.

Not only does it permanently damage your airway, but it also causes reasonable damage to your lungs.

Over and above your existent asthma, you increase your chances of developing chronic airway diseases such as chronic bronchitis (CB) and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).

You’re more likely to need HIGHER DOSE of asthma prevention medicines. Hence, you will subject your body to more drugs, unnecessarily.

It INCREASES the frequency of asthmatic attacks.

It is safe to say that smoking and asthma don’t go together. QUITTING SMOKING is the most important thing you can do to protect your lungs and prevent your asthma from worsening. Homeopathy can help you quit smoking. There are several Homeopathy remedies that are known to cause distaste for cigarettes. Not only that, Homeopathy is the best available treatment option for Asthma.


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