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Sow the seeds!


“Real luxury comes with natural living”.


You don’t agree with me, do you?


Trending terminology, ‘Organic’. It is more of an ecological need  to stay organic today than to see an article that just could trend on your socio-fancy platforms.


Whoever said Organic food is just another patent for farmer’s produce, have no clue what they’re missing. Living in an urban culture it is very difficult to harness organic living. We have no space for cultivation, though we could grow the produce in few acres within the urban sector, the challenges are very surreal to face.  


Permaculture is another way of natural living. The need to deal with excessive heat, smoke, biomagnification and preserving food challenges can all have a “#full stop$”. There are many mechanisms that we could inculcate to live naturally without dismissing the comfort parameter.                                                                                                                                                     


Permaculture experts have been experimenting with many natural or nature-friendly mechanisms to reduce the above challenges and mitigating pollution to a far greater extent.





Everyone upholds the economical point of consuming organic food but to understand the need is far more necessary. Here is why you need to know the importance of consuming it.


Today’s produce are cultivated from two-three different fertilizers.


Organic fertilizers – They are natural mineral deposits like bones or plant meals.


Petroleum-based fertilizers – Commonly known as the synthetic fertilizers could yield very hazardous health diseases when we consume the produce from this fertilizer.


Sewage sludge-based fertilizers – The produce is cultivated from the waste treated water.


This brings us to an understanding that besides the above facts,

  1. Organic food is often fresher from the other lot of produce. 
  2. Crucial point to consider, organic farming is better for the environment.
  3. Organic food is GMO-free
  4. Organic meat and milk are richer in certain nutrients.

Also, Pests are controlled using natural methods (birds, insects, traps) and naturally-derived pesticides.  Farming, cultivating crops, treating pests and even livestock all go naturally without any other additives or synthesized hormones.




This produce comes from a locally grown farmer’s market say the sources. A town, a nearby village or a country. The benefits that these produce play is that it is economical, comes from a very ripe period and far from the urban environment. But, like the rule of thumb, “food that travels from the field to table should always be shorter”, this clearly dismisses the need to consume this produce. Unless, you live close to such cultivating areas and you could get the fresh stock.




Ah! Those organic eggs!


Oh! Those nature’s fresh produce!


To consume food that is GMO-free (Genetically modified organisms) have a natural health role to play and pay us benefits down the years. Could you understand the price of consuming crops yielded from the GMO?


Oh well! You could face extremely hazardous diseases such as cancer or immunity distortion, platelet reduction in the RBCs and many more. The cost then we would pay to treat ourselves for consuming the GMO rich produce is #cruelsome.


As we grow more organic produce and the demand for it grows, it meets the economic standards and as a result there would be less diseases to fight.


Go Organic! Go Healthy!


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