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Stress busting for dads

Stress Busting

Recent studies show that between boardrooms and changing diapers, fathers are feeling the burnout. Dads are now struggling between work and home responsibilities. A research titled ‘The New Dad’ reported how fathers face a bias in the workplace that overlooks their responsibilities at home. New Age men are expected to be hands-on dads and be successful breadearners at the same time. Here’s how they can create better work-life balance:

– Be aware of work-life conflict: Most men aren’t aware of how this conflict is increasing stress in their life. It’s new to them. The first step is to create and separate work time and family time. Don’t refrain from talking about home and fatherhood responsibilities at work. It helps create new role models. Don’t let your work at home or office be invisible. Talk about it. Make your role as a nurturer something to feel good about.

– Keep cool: Your stress and bad mood impacts your child’s mood. According to a recent study by researchers at Michigan State University, a child’s development is negatively affected by his or her father’s stress. Experts also believe the premature deaths in men could be attributed to the combined stress of being a father, partner and breadwinner at a young age. Bring in some mindfulness to reduce stress. Try some breathing excercises to slow the heart rate – it reduces the body’s release of stress hormones. Find inner calm.

– Accept the stress: Finding new skills, planning and organisation will make your life easier. Don’t take on everything. Don’t be in denial about the pressures, ambitions and challenges. Put systems in place, organise. Plan. Plan. Plan.


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