Sunny Leone Diet & Exercise: Sunny Leone's Secret Diet Plan To Stay Fit

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Sunny leone diet exercise

Sunny Leone Diet & Exercise: Karenjit Kaur Vohra popularly known as Sunny Leone who is Bollywood’s bombshell gained media’s solid attention after starting her fame journey with Bigg Boss Season 5, 2011. After being caught by the limelight, Sunny got several ventures in her pipeline which were the commercial hit films Jism 2(2012), Jackpot (2013), Ragini MMS 2(2014), EK Paheli Leela (2015), Mastizaade (2016).

Sunny stated after the release of her first film in Bollywood that when she watched herself in the film, she realized that she needs to work-out more to keep her body in shape. After her efforts, Sunny Leone has now turned herself into the sexiest actress in the Bollywood with the toned figure and marvellous body.

Her fans and admirers believe she has got a perfect sexy body which she carries confidently and effortlessly. Let’s have a sneak peek on Sunny’s Fitness and Diet routine plan.

Sunny Leone Diet & Exercise:

  • Sunny takes gymming quite seriously and spends time at the gym twice or thrice a week. Workout at the gym is mandatory for her as she believes going to the gym once in a while is not going to help you to gain a fit body.
  • Sunny prefers more cardio exercises for an entire 45 minutes to keep her in shape. She mixes both weight training and cardio exercises almost every day.
  • Sunny prefers spinning workout which is an actual exercise spin bike for those women who want to get rid of cellulite to keep butt and thighs toned.
  • For her legs and lower body, Sunny does plenty of squats, lunges, push-ups.
  • Her busy schedule makes it difficult for her to go for gymming, hence Sunny loves yoga for 30 minutes which keeps her body fit as well as her mind calm and peaceful.
  • For sizzling beauty like Sunny Leone, palates are the best options to burn calories and improve body shape. Sunny believes Pilates increase body energy levels and flexibility.
  • For her upper body to keep arms and stomach strong, Sunny does boxing that not only keeps her strong but also her arm and stomach quite toned and flat.
  • Sunny starts her day with 20 minutes of walking every day. She says that walking is the best workout to kick-start your day and maintain the energy levels throughout the day.

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Love yourself and your body!


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