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Tennis Elbow: A Common Muscle Misery

If you thought that only those who play tennis would suffer from ‘tennis elbow’- think again. The fact is that only 5% of the people who suffer from tennis elbow are tennis players! This muscle misery can be seen in just about anyone. Tennis elbow, also known as lateral epicondylitis in medical parlance, is an inflammation of the tendon that covers the bony bump (lateral epicondyle) on our elbow. This condition is characterized by severe pain, discomfort, and restriction of movement around the elbow joint. The person experiences difficulty and pain on gripping and lifting objects; movements like using tools, opening jars, holding a toothbrush, knife, fork, bag etc can feel like a marathon.

Tennis elbow is essentially an ‘overuse’ injury and can be caused by any kind of repetitive movement of the forearm muscles, like when playing a sport, cutting-chopping, painting or even something as benign as carrying a heavy bag-full-of-groceries. Treating tennis elbow depends on how severe and long-lasting the symptoms have been. The 4 cardinal things for it are REST, ICE APPLICATION, PAIN KILLERS and STRETCHING EXERCISES. However, not everyone is aware of one of the most effective and competent treatment options for Tennis elbow…Homeopathy!

Homeopathy for Tennis Elbow

Homeopathy works wonders for this condition. Contrary to the popular belief that ‘Homeopathy is slow’ – the fact is that it brings about amazing results in cases of tennis elbow. As a matter of fact – Homeopathy has become quite popular for sports medicine as it brings relief to a wide range of musculoskeletal injuries quickly. The reason for this popularity is that apart from relieving pain, they also heal the strained or injured muscles and tendons in the most natural way – without any side effects, and with chemical-free medicines!

Among the many cases solved with Homeopathy, this one, in particular, demands a mention here, simply because of how Homeopathy saved her career. A young girl, 18 years of age, consulted us with pain in her right wrist and elbow. She was a tennis player who had made her mark at the state-level tennis championship and was set to compete nationally too. Painkillers and cold applications gave her some comfort, but the moment she would start playing again, the pain would come back – twofold! After taking Homeopathy, her pain reduced significantly in a few days and in a matter of weeks she was completely pain-free and fit to go back to her sport with extra vigor!



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