Want To Gain Wait Safely? Then This Is What You Are Looking For

Want To Gain Weight Safely? Then This Is What You Are Looking For

Before you start working on your weight gain goals, you should get a clear understanding of just how underweight you are. Body Mass Index (BMI) is a simple way to determine if your body weight is ideal for your height. Use a BMI tool to find out your BMI so that you know how much weight you will need to gain. If your BMI is 16-18.5, you are considered underweight but a BMI below 16 indicates that you are severely underweight. Now that you know exactly where you stand, you can start working on your weight gain diet. Want To Gain Weight Safely? Then This Is What You Are Looking For

Weight Gain Diet For Women


Want To Gain Wait Safely? Then This Is What You Are Looking For


Women have a lower metabolic rate than men which means that their calorie requirements are lower. This is why women generally put on weight more easily than men. However, if you have been struggling to put on weight, it means that you probably have a higher metabolism than most people which means that you will need to increase your overall calorie intake. This is not a license to binge on chocolates, cakes, and junk food – these are unhealthy weight gain foods that will only increase your body fat instead of lean body mass and send your cholesterol levels through the roof! Instead, increase your intake of whole grains, cereals, pulses, fruit, dairy, and healthy unsaturated oils such as sunflower oil. Now that you know what to eat to gain weight, don’t limit yourself to just 3 meals, instead, aim for 4-5 high-calorie healthy meals as the continuous calorie intake will help you put on weight.

Weight Gain Diet For Men


Want To Gain Wait Safely? Then This Is What You Are Looking For


Men have a higher metabolic rate which means that they burn a lot more calories than women. This means that to increase weight, men have to consume approximately 3,500 calories a day since they need 2,500 calories simply to maintain their weight. The simplest advice on how to gain weight (for men) is to focus on increasing protein and fat intake. Protein helps to increase muscle mass while the healthy fats in your diet will increase your overall calorie intake. Nutrition experts recommended that men who wish to gain weight and build muscle should consume 1.4 -1.8 grams of protein per kilogram of bodyweight. The average Indian male weighs 60 kgs, which means that he would need to consume 84 – 108 grams of protein per day. Some of the best foods to gain weight fast include nuts and nut butter, dates, coconut meat, homemade mayo, eggs, fish, and chicken.

Weight Gain Diet For Kids


Want To Gain Wait Safely? Then This Is What You Are Looking For


It is particularly difficult to deal with weight problems in children, as they can be fussy eaters. Children require anywhere between 1,000 and 2,000 calories depending on their age, sex, and physical activity levels. Kids over 14 may require over 2,000 calories which means that in order for your underweight child to gain weight, he may need to eat more than you at mealtimes! Kids gravitate towards junk food but even though these foods are high in calories, they will not lead to healthy weight gain in kids. Some of the best foods for weight gain for kids include eggs, cheese, oily fish, mixed nut butter, hummus, fruit smoothies, fruit, and homemade chips with a yogurt dip. Starchy foods such as wholegrain bread, potatoes, and pasta are healthy foods to gain weight. When drawing up a healthy weight gain diet plan for kids, take your child’s tastes and preferences into account so that your child is more likely to stick to their diet plan.

How To Gain Weight Quickly But Safely

You have an occasion coming up and you want to know how to put on weight so you can fit into that gorgeous dress you just bought! Fear not, there are ways to tweak your diet to increase weight – this will help you put on weight quickly without jeopardizing your health in the process. Here’s how to gain weight in 1 month or less:

  1. Increase Your Number Of Daily Meals
  2.  Count Your Calories
  3. Add Toppings To Every Meal
  4. Have A Large Dinner
  5. Ditch Colas For Fresh Fruit Juice



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