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Tips to reduce headache!

Clinching those fists to ease the headache?

Know this :

There are two types of headache

Episodic – These occur temporarily lasting for few minutes to maximum few hours.

The common ones are migraines, cluster headaches.

Chronic – These could last for a good few hours, a few weeks to 3 months. This is due to the stress which stimulates the pain unto the most sensitive nerves of the brain.

The common ones are due to dehydration, meningitis, stroke, influenza, etc.


Tips and tricks to override the headache:

Since our brain’s functioning is very rigorous and continuous, we would have to always keep ourselves hydrated.

Deal away with meningitis

The symptoms could let you decide to take action, which includes vomiting, fever, headache and neck stiffness in severity. Also, includes photo-phobia and drowsiness.

Straighten out your doctor’s appointment with no delay.

The treatment aids several weeks and thus you should have individual appointments chartered out with your doctor to prevent it from happening in the future.


Take your supplements

Often times, we misconstrue healthy living with heavy food consumption. But, apart from day to day appetite, we have to make sure our vitamins and minerals are on point. Balance in your diet is of utmost importance. Having your magnesium supply on point is very important.


Use essential oils

Using carrier oils will regulate the body heat and this in return de-stresses your body.

Thus relieving you from headache.


Try Acupuncture

This is one of the Chinese traditional medications that can treat migraines easily. And is one of the most effective ways to subdue headache.

Balance is the key to avoid all headaches in life.


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