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Try This New Gym Trick To Get That Extra Curvy Butt

This new exercise is the new internet sensation that has become the favorite of female fitness Instagrammers and which is going viral on social media these days. If you are planning to change your gym routine and looking for a curvy workout to get bubbly and funny, then you may want to try this.

The move involves using an abductor machine but in a reverse manner. Traditionally, the exercise involves sitting on a chair and pressing your legs against two pads in an outward direction. However, fitness buffs are now using the machine in a different way; while they stand and with their posteriors lifted in the air. Instead of sitting on the chair and pushing the weight-pads, they are pushing the pads with their calves and with their butt in the air.

When you use it in a conventional way, the machine helps you tone your hips, thighs, and glutes. However, with this varied method, it can also help tone your butt. However, many health experts are saying that the move only has a visual appeal and may not be that effective when it comes to toning your butt. Also, because the machine is being used in a way it is not supposed to be, any injury that one may incur by this varied technique will only put one at fault.

A trainer even said that this variation can be potentially harmful to those who have a weak butt or bad knees. For them, it should be an absolute “no-no”.



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