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What to keep in mind when opting for fat freezing

When your combination of diet and exercise is perfectly balanced then you are able to reach your weight loss goals easily. However, there are stubborn fat cells that refuse to go away and this is where non-surgical techniques are required. Experts say that these techniques are perfect for localised fat reduction.

With the increased risk of complications from more invasive methods fat freezing claims to be a promising method for non-surgical body contouring. Here are a few tips to keep in mind…

  • This is not a weight loss tool, rather it is good for contouring, so, go for it only after reaching your ideal weight.
  • Remember that while some people need a single treatment others might want many treatments with gaps of two-three months.

  • Though touted to be painless, few patients might experience pain after the procedure. If need be it can be dealt with medicines prescribed by doctors.

  • Ask your doctor before using compression garments.
  • Tell your doctor about every problem you might be having – itching, tingling, pain, swelling etc.
  • The procedure when done on thighs, back, and love handles usually does not have side effects.
  • Taking pictures both before and after can help you see the changes.
  • Visible results might take time to appear. It is important to give time to your body to work its way.

Post treatment care is essential for results to appear and also for it to stay. Eating right and exercising is essential.


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