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Why am i always hungry?

Why Am I Always Hungry?

If this is what you often ask yourself, friend, you are not alone! For many of us, the stomach feels like a bottomless pit, without knowing why. It is common for pregnant women to feel hungry all the time, but for others, there has to be a reason. You can blame those diet fads, skipped meals or those obvious days in a woman’s life, but why you, why now and why always needs to be answered. While bottomless pit hunger simply means that you are hungry all the time, it can mean much more.


If you are feeling low, your appetite goes for a toss, making you feel extremely hungry. Feeling depressed, anxious or being stressed, causes hormonal changes, which affect your mood. This can make you feel hungry all the time; which is the case with most emotional eaters. Find healthy ways to destress yourself and avoid overeating.


Dehydration can occur due to lack of adequate water or salt and electrolyte imbalance in your body. Excessive sweating, loss of body fluids or extreme summer can cause dehydration. It is actually the need for water, which is mistaken for hunger, making you feel hungry all the time. Drink plenty of water and take fruits and veggies rich in water content.

Faulty dietary habits

The feeling of hunger and satiety depends a lot on your previous meals. Healthy, high-fibre foods keep you full and satisfied but unhealthy or junk foods can cause an imbalance. High fatty, high sugar or refined foods, caffeinated or sugary beverages in your previous meals cause blood sugar swings. It is sure to make you feel hungry soon and if this is your routine, you know the answer to why am I always hungry even after eating.

Lack of adequate sleep

Overwork, overexertion and fatigue, all can trigger the hungry all the time syndrome. It is, in fact, the need for rest and sleep, so that your body and mind can regain balance. If you have restless nights, your hormones come into action and increase your appetite making you a ravenous eater. Disturbed sleep is often seen in people who snore, who have sleep apnoea, nerve problems, chronic pain and fatigue or diabetes. Get yourself evaluated, if you experience this.

Nutritional deficit

If you feel hungry all the time, it may indicate that you are deficient in certain nutrients. If you lack essential vitamins, minerals, proteins or fats, you may feel hungry more often. Fruits, veggies, healthy fats and lean proteins can keep you full and also provide essential nutrients. Consider supplements after appropriate tests and medical advice.


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