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Why You Should Chose Home-Made Food Over Junk Foods?

Junk Food Vs. Healthy Food

A sudden increase in fast food consumption plays a big role in the national obesity epidemic. And when it comes to hunting for lower-fat versions of the fatty fast foods, there are hardly any alternatives available. Today, Dr. Simran Saini, Weight LossManagement Consultant at Fortis Hospital gives us essential tips that can help us prepare healthy fast food at home, in our very own kitchens.


Firstly, let us understand when it is okay to eat fast food

It is healthy to eat fast food once in a week at the most or in cases when you have no better options to cover your meal. This means fast food should be eaten for a change of taste or eaten as an option to cover a skipped meal, but it should not be a regular treat for sure. These days we can prepare certain recipes at home and make sure we don’t eat out and indulge in too much salt and unhealthy fats found in fast foods.

Learning to make healthier choices at fast food restaurants

Healthier choices would mean ensuring that nutrition accompanies taste. When looking for a pizza, look for one with a thin wheat crust with less cheese and vegetables mixed into the toppings. For instance, a pizza with smoked/grilled meat mixed with adequate vegetables is the kind of choice one should opt for. Make sure that there are few sauces and more vegetables to accompany your platter. This ensures that your meal outside is delicious and healthy.

Tips for making ‘Chinese’ or other Indian junk food versions of world cuisine healthier

Among the Chinese, traditional cooking is actually very healthy but altered fast food versions are a problem. For example, traditional noodle cooking emphasizes the use of whole wheat noodles or rice noodles rather than maida noodles. Momos or dim sums are steamed, not fried, and mostly vegetable preparations are steamed with healthy combinations of boiled or roasted meat pieces rather than fried vegetables with gravy chickens. The soups are also rather light and have less or no cream. These should be consumed in the original way to enjoy the maximum benefit of nutritious traditional Chinese food.


Tips for making a healthy pizza at home

When making a pizza at home make sure to go easy on the cheese, it should be a thin layer and not an overloaded mountain of cheese. Use little or no ketchup as the initial base and try using homemade tomato chutney. Top the pizza with lots of vegetable toppings, like chopped mushrooms, olives, onions, capsicum and try adding lean meat cuts, paneer or cubed cottage cheese as a bonus. This increases the nutritional value of your pizza. Sprinkle a few flaxseeds over it and bake in the oven. When ready serve with mint chutney.

Tips for making a healthy sub at home

Use 2 slices of whole wheat long buns. Add a dash of virgin olive oil, mint chutney and tomato chutney both prepared at home at the base inside. You may also use kasundi which is a mustard sauce prepared at home. Now use your favorite vegetable or healthy lean meat fillings like capsicum, sliced cucumbers, lettuce, olives to the midst.

Tips for making healthy pasta at home

Making pasta at home is very easy. All you need to do is to make the right choice by using whole-wheat pasta, use tomato sauce instead of cream and preferably again try to enrich your pasta by adding your lot of favorite veggies to the same. This pasta is well recommended on weight loss programs too.

Important tip: Traditional white sauce calls for very little cheese (if at all) and can be replicated with just milk, minimal butter and flour, and seasoning.

Healthy Indian cuisine fast food items

There are plenty of items in Indian fast food that aren’t unhealthy; namely paneer tikka, soya tikka, bhelpuri, Dhokla, kebabs, etc. These are all snacking fast food items which are nutritious and tasty and add to the goodness of a meal. All of these can be prepared at home, without risking heavy oil usage from fast food restaurants.


A meal may be listed as healthy as per ingredients, but if the preparation involves heavy oil, salt, and trans fats, then even the healthiest dish can become unhealthy.


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