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This Is Why You Should Have A Cup Of Coffee everyday

Coffee every day

There are two kinds of people – those who drink tea and those who drink coffee. While both the beverages come with their individual health benefits, the argument never resolves as to which beverage is better. But here are some health benefits and reasons why you should have a cup of coffee every day


Coffee contains many antioxidants which purify the body and make one feel fresh.

Good for the liver

Coffee is very good for the liver, especially for people who drink alcohol.


People who drink coffee daily say that even the smell of coffee can relieve them from stress and tension.

Reduces the risk of cancer

Coffee helps reduce the risk of cancer – be it skin or prostate. Of course, there are no proven guarantees, but no harm in having a cup every day no!

Diabetes and Parkinson’s disease:

Coffee is also known to reduce the risks of diabetes and that of Parkinson’s disease in a human being.

So sip on to your cappuccino or mocha every day and keep these health risks at bay.
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