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You’re more likely to contact COVID from youngsters! 

Since the younger lot of the population is on the constant move more than the elders, they can contract corona a lot faster. The dangerous fact is it doesn’t end there, they can easily infect the elders at home too.

The fact is the younger age group under 20 are more likely to spread the coronavirus in their household. The traceability matrix in South Korea is planning to publish the study done. With the ongoing debate on whether to reopen the school, this is a major fact to dismiss the decision.



There is an upcoming article on the Emerging Infectious Diseases i.e. also peer-reviewed, published by the CDC.

The researchers followed the coronavirus patients since the breakout from Jan 26th to March 27th. A time frame when the schools remain shut. South Korea was the first to report the coronavirus symptoms in most of the households.

They continued to trace down the contact list to determine the major spread of the infection.

The study eventually broke out the truth that the youngsters between the age group of 10- 19 spread the virus. Since the contracted ratio is beating to 18.6%, highlighting this age group.


The age group ranging from 70 to 79 are the second-highest to contract and spread the disease in a household. That of a 60-69-year-old fall under the ratio of 17% in the traceability matrix.

The authors of the above publications say that it limits the above study to asymptomatic cases. Experts claim that the doctor Ashish Jha, director of Harvard Global Health Institute as per the New York Times.


The critical period:

The study clearly states, “We showed that household transmission of SARS-CoV-2 was high if the index patient was 10–19 years of age.” Ever since the social distancing has loosened up a little, it has taken and the schools reopening in certain areas have led to more transmission of SARS – COV- 2.

Though the delay in hospitalization doesn’t affect much, it is one of the prior concerns if the place you stay in has unfavourable medical facilities.

There are unsorted cases where adults are also under higher SAR – COV – 2 risk compared to children. These cases are under study to yet conclude if the contraction is due to biological susceptibility or contract patterns.

Certain claims have clearly stated that women are more susceptible to the COVID – 19 spread.



It undermines a report stating the severity of the household transmission in India. Household transmission dynamics work faster than the outdoor spread of the virus.

Counting more on physical distancing, they should carry household isolation out to prevent the spread of viruses. There are many patients exposed to the risk of contraction inside the house. The number of contracted cases is high with asymptomatic patterns.

However, with proper traceability matrix, testing and household isolation, COVID–19 transmission can be minimized to a greater extent.  Starting this early will be effective in preventing any COVID spread.



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