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5 stretches you can do in bed!


Stretching is not only good before a workout but is extremely beneficial if done as soon as you wake up! We are not asking you to roll out your mats. These simple stretches can be done in your bed.

These will help release stress and any muscle tension that you have been experiencing.

Lie on your stomach and slowly push your torso upwards. Your weight should rest on your forearms. Once you reach a comfortable position, hold for five seconds. Return to the original position and repeat. You may try five sets, initially.

Lie on your back and slowly bring your knees near your chest. Hug your knees in a way that it gives your lower back round posture. Hold for twenty seconds and slowly bring your legs back to the original position. This stretch makes your hip muscle tight. Initially, go for five sets and gradually you may increase the sets, according to your comfort.

Lie on your back and extend your legs. Lift your right leg and hold it. Gently pull the right knee across your body towards the left shoulder and hold for twenty seconds. Switch legs and repeat the set, five times.

While sitting on your bed with legs crossed, raise your arms. Hold the hands and without lifting your butt, slowly bend towards your left. Hold for five seconds and come back to the original position. Repeat on the other side. Initially, go for five sets.

Sit on your bed with crossed legs and place your hands on the bed behind you. Your hands should be a foot behind your butt. Lift your chest and hips up towards the ceiling while putting pressure on your hands. Hold for ten seconds and slowly return to your original position. Repeat the stretch, five times.


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