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6 precautions you must adhere in morning walks during COVID -19

Though the lockdown is all up and the life seems to be back to normal, we are in more danger than we expected it to be during the lockdown. The social interaction is never completely inevitable.

Which means we now, will have to be double careful under all circumstances. There are people who have less likely co-operated in preventing the corona and some have explicitly contributed to the prevention. We are living in a society whose stakes are high, that will spread the virus faster due to the other diseases and careless attitude.

So, if you find someone not wearing a mask, get them to wear a mask then and there. We will stay protected if they are safe.



The six precautions, however, to mind before stepping out from your door is:

  1. The morning walks are one of the potential ways to catch corona at large, because of the cool temperature. It is more than tempting to walk into the parks that have imminent fresh air and feels like it takes nothing but a pair of walking shoes.
  2. Though with many rules people without masks tend to stick around next to you. Please maintain a 12 ft distance from each person, especially while jogging.
  3. The more the distance the better the prevention rate.



  1. During walking our pace gradually increases and then decreases, either ways there are high chances of us leading next another jogger, which is dangerous. Maintain a good distance of 12- 20 feet in general.
  2. Looking straight will help you gauge the picture of the object and people coming closer to your path and more. It is very important to be proactive while consistently deciding our running path.
  3. Avoid narrow lanes and congested paths as there can be nothing more easily susceptible to picking up COVID.


  1. Observe and be mindful of how what and where you decide to jog. It is very important to have your presence of mind in place as it is our human tendency to by far fall for resting around the benches.
  2. Do not wear a mask or do not cover your face while running or walking or jogging. The body is in need of more oxygen supply while your body tends to work those muscles up.
  3. Especially, during cardiovascular activity. The air ingestion is through your mouth and nose since the mask covers both it is good to wear it while jogging, running.
  4. Minding your body language and this time it has definitely got nothing to do with the kind gestures and everything. It is highly probably you meet someone you know on your way while jogging, the first thing you do is shake HANDS. Please do not do so.
  5. You can sanitise before and after jogging.
  6. If you are out there post jogging or on outdoor business & you want to buy groceries, please be vary of the crowded stalls and please wash them with hot sanitised water. This is discrete for packages you receive or send.



The deadly virus will live here with us for a while and loom within the communities over many cycles. Since, this virus is ejected from cough, sneezes, talks, spits and more it is very important to maintain a 6 ft distance from every person.

While standing in line, while collecting your groceries or while dispensing waste, please be aware of what you touch. It is very important that your distances are well set. PHYSICAL distance is very important.

Even if it means while crossing the path on the sidewalks.



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