All The Information You Need To Know About Beer-Yoga

All The Information You Need To Know About Beer-Yoga

Beer Yoga

For all the alcohol fans who cry about regularly-increasing beer belly fat, here’s something that’s assured to take your fancy. A new shape-up trend is growing across the world and it includes two hugely famous things – beer and yoga. Yes, you read it accurately. Beer yoga is now a situation and it can be truly a therapy for your mind, body, and soul!

The Marriage Of Two Great Loves


In Other terms, we can say that it ‘marriage of two great loves’, Beer yoga is a blended form of traditional yoga poses with the pleasures of drinking beer. A brainchild of a traveling yoga class ‘Bieryoga’, this uniquely exciting adventure began in Germany but is now running in Australia and other places around the globe.

Invented by two certified yoga instructors (who believed to be strong beer-drinkers), a sitting of beer yoga costs around $10 and naturally continues for an hour with a bottle (or two) of beer. Anybody with a clear spirit and a passion for beer (and fitness) can try this unusual health practice. It will be a good experience for him/her.

Beer Meets Asanas



In beer yoga, beer drinking is combined with the common method of yoga asanas, identified as “beer salutations”. New and creative postures are also added, such as balancing a beer bottle on the head. It is assumed that blending the two can help you touch the extraordinary levels of mindfulness!




While the two exercises may be seen as opposed to each other, yoga is not exclusive but is expected to involve as many as possible. If this creative idea gets more people on board with the method, we have no objections; plus, beer lovers could do some healthy exercise, and there’s nothing better than yoga. So who always fancied to give yoga a try, but didn’t find Vipassana or Bikram Yoga especially exciting, now is the time to grasp an icy, chilled beer and give beer yoga a shot!


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