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All you need is 60 minutes!

All you need is 60 minutes

It is all about finding inspiration and motivation in everyday life, says Renuka Baboo. She is talking about a fitness short film she has made called 60 Minutes: A fitness motivational short film. It was released on Sunday, and stars gym instructor Linga Bhaskar, and his client Shruti Jayabal, who is a paraglider.

A month ago, Baboo started Ren & Sid productions, funded by her father, Baboo Vivekanandaon, to focus on inspirational short films. Vivekanandaon has a Sports Academy called Jasa, that provides personalised training in sports to children in rural areas. “We are passionate about creating inspirational films through real life stories, and we also engage in custom film making and media productions,” explains Baboo.

Speaking of 60 Minutes…, she says, “It took almost two months to film the fitness video. I am a National level Basket Ball player myself. My husband worked out at Bhaskar’s gym and that’s how we got to know about him”. Baboo asked Bhaskar if he would help and he agreed to choreograph the whole sequence. Robert Selwyne, her husband, has also worked with her making the film. The camera person is Dhanasekar Dhamodaran.

“The journey of 1000 miles begins with the first step. To keep our body fit and mind focussed to face challenges, a 60-minute training is very important,” says Linga Bhaskar in the film. Vigorous workouts shown in the video conveys how motivated we should be in our lives. “Breaking free from our comfort zone is the biggest challenge,” he says. In the film, Bhaskar uses chains, workout tires, dumbbells along with animal flow workout as well demonstrates a modified version of the Surya Namaskar. There is inspiring music (from Pirates of the Caribbean and Last of the Mohicans) that Bhaskar and Shruthi work out to. While Bhaskar advocates a 60 minute work out for everyone, he says the challenge was compressing the whole idea into the limited time frame of the film. But he is excited about the reaction to the film on social media. Many found the short film inspiring and motivating.

“The comments were all positive and good”, says Baboo. “One of them commented that he liked my voice in the video”, says Bhaskar. The video ends with a background of Vitruvian theory, with the observation that “The human body is designed to move. It was never meant for a sedentary lifestyle”.


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